Monthly Archive for July, 2009

MindMap Your Way To Better Grades

Please take a look at this short YouTube video that shows you how to MindMap To Get Better Grades, produced by MindMapping Artist Paul Telling. This is the teaser for a brand new course that I created with Paul – just for you. If you’re like me, artistically challenged, you read Chapter 6 of my […]

Get Better Grades For FREE

Some students are quite resourceful – they realise that when they get two or three of their friends to buy my study book, it ends up being FREE! Others are a little more industrious and have realised that BECAUSE they’re in school and have access to other students, they can actually create another source of […]

Getting Better Grades Is About Self Mastery

Today, Nick shares with us some of his challenges that will help you to see that you’re not alone. We all do this to some extent. Self Mastery is about controlling our emotions. My study book is about relieving the pressure and stress of studying so that you don’t put yourself in a pressure cooker. […]