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25 Speed Reading Tips Every Student Should Know

I recently came across this great list of 25 Speed Reading Tips Every Student Should Know. I thought I would pass it on – every once in a while you need to review what you’re doing to keep making the 1 percent improvement you’re committed to! If you come across any other great resources out there, please let me know!

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5 Study Tips For A 35 Year Old Math Student

Today’s post is from a 35 year old student struggling with math. His question is not all that uncommon.

Hello there,

My question is Math the reason that I’m struggling.  I’m 35 years old and this is my second semester in college and I’m retaking Math again because the first semester I failed and I’m about the same way this semester… Now my Teacher said that we can make corrections on the tests and get a better score now. I got a month to go in school. So my question is what is the easyest way to study for a math Test or or just to understand what the teacher is saying?

This is a great question that has several answers:

Study Tip #1: Don’t repeat the mistakes of the past

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Your Untrained Brain Can Work Against You

Today’s blog post is a clarification from my Speed Learning Video Program. The quote was “The brain stops reading fast it does not want to get dizzy”. It was after I mentioned you can read 200% faster on screen using Rapid Reader because your eyes don’t have to go from left to right.

Someone contacted me and was wondering if this has any thing to do with past negative programming that the brain can work against you. For example if you have not had a lot to do with a subject and tried to take it for a study course, would the brain work against you automatically?

This is a great question – and you’re not going to expect the answer I’m about to give…

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