Monthly Archive for July, 2020

What to Remember When You’re Learning Something New

The pursuit of learning something new is commendable and frustrating. Keep these things in mind as you continue your education to lessen the frustrations.

Soft Skills You Learn at School That Prepare You for the Workplace

School provides opportunities for you to develop the skills that you will need once you graduate and become a full-fledged adult. Here are the soft skills that you should have earned by now.

Math Doesn’t Suck

This video explains why Danica McKellar wrote her book “Math doesn’t suck”. I am now going to investigate her other books to determine if they can help people who struggle with math. Thank you Andrew Powell for sharing!

Form the Right Study Habits to Become Effective in Life

Some problems in life require you to be successful before you can deal with them. Here’s how great study habits let you get to that point.

The Quiet Value of Patience for a 21st Century Student

Patience speaks volumes about the kind of person that you are. Moreover, it has a huge impact on your life. Learn how you can be a patient person here.

Training and learning – The challenge of remote teams

COVID and Working From Home (WFH) have brought on a lot of challenges for people who are not used to working remotely. We can all attest to how much the Internet has made significant changes and improvements to our daily lives. We now have the concept of telecommuting, which is basically working from the comfort […]