25 Speed Reading Tips Every Student Should Know

I recently came across this great list of 25 Speed Reading Tips Every Student Should Know. I thought I would pass it on – every once in a while you need to review what you’re doing to keep making the 1 percent improvement you’re committed to! If you come across any other great resources out there, please let me know!

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  • Hey Dr Marc,

    I’ve been following your instructions from the speed reading videos. Nevertheless, I just can’t get the breakthrough (500-100wpm). Even though I can get the breakthrough but I can’t comprehend the text. Would you please advise me on how to increase the speed along with comprehension of the text? Thanks.

    • The best way to get the breakthrough is to use Rapid Reader…

      This will force you to READ and NOT say the words (it’s called subvocalisation) and it’s the reason you’re not having your breakthrough.

      Also, chances are you’re trying too hard – just relax and keep reading as fast as you can and soon, you’ll have the breakthrough.

      BTW, If you can’t comprehend what you’re reading, that means you’re reading too fast – your brain needs to catch up to your eyes… Be patient, soon your brain will catch up.

      Your brain is like any muscle – you’ve been using it at 150-300 wpm. You can’t expect it to ZOOM up to 1,000 wpm instantly.

      I hope this helps – stick with it and keep me posted on your progress!

  • Hey doc!

    I´m having similar issues like Yangchen:

    I have done all of the speed reading (+ video lessons) tips for a long time now. What I read does not get in to my head! I still believe in this power, but I just can´t get the text. What should I do? Some pointers? (something that does not cost too much, I have already spent a lot on your products).



    • Steve,
      If you have done all the exercises, there is nothing else to buy to do speed reading properly. There are only a few reasons why you might not be succeeding.

      1. You don’t believe YOU can do it. You have to really believe in yourself otherwise you will sabotage. I don’t know anyone who has ever done the strategies who hasn’t at least doubled their reading speed.

      2. You are not focused on what you’re doing – probably pushing yourself TOO FAST too soon. Like anything, this takes time. You need to read with your finger at your regular speed and increase it as fast as you can read AND comprehend. Your speed WILL increase.

      3. You are juts “going through the motions” – not really doing it, just “faking it” – I’ve seen this in my seminars. I can pick it up a mile away. You have to READ AND UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU’RE READING.

      Here’s a test for you. Watch this Speed Reading Video and tell me if you were able to keep up.

      I want to help you because my Speed Reading Video technique works for everyone – without exception. The ONLY variable is the speed that each person reaches. That varies based on practice, linguistic skills and vocabulary and frequency of use.

      Onward and upward!

  • I got the speed reading program for my daughter in college. I wanted to find out how do you highlight when you are speed reading?

    She has a lot of technical material in her books, such as anatomy and physiology. Do you stop and highlight things to go back and study or speed read then go back or what do you do?

    You said that you highlight when you speed read, yet you never addressed it in your videos. Please advise.

  • Hello,
    I was just curious about your basic skills involved in the speed reading program?

    It says to read the lines 5 times do you mean for myself to read the whole page of a book top to bottom five times with my index finger underlining each line of words as I go through them?

    I have watched the videos until just before the advanced stuff in the speed reading program and I have read the mind mapping stuff.

    Thank you for your time I have enjoyed your program thus far.

    I require further direction please.


    • Hi Deryk,
      I think you are confused about the instructions – I don’t suggest to read anything 5 times. Please review that section of the Speed Reading Program Video and come back to me if you still have questions.

      Onward and upward!

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