ATTENTION: Parents looking to buy a study book for their kids

My results and those of my ‘students’ speak for themselves. The stuff I write about in my study book works – if your kids are using them all, then they should be getting TOP GRADES already and don’t need a book on how to get the best grades with the least amount of effort.

If they are NOT getting top grades, well they are either not that bright or not leveraging the strategies properly.

I trust it’s not leveraging the strategies.

90% of students are smart enough, but just don’t have good study strategies.

In fact the BEST results are from students who are not that bright BUT are open-minded to try anything to get better results. Their desperation opens their minds to the possibilities whereas the brighter ones just think they know it all.

I don’t know your kids, but I have a suggestion – First, buy the book. It comes with an 8-week 100% Money-Back Guarantee from ClickBank so there is NO RISK.

Then give the book to all of your kids WITH YOUR ENDORSEMENT AND POSITIVE ENCOURAGEMENT. Have them come back with their feedback ONCE THEY’VE TRIED A FEW OF THE STRATEGIES…

Let that be the test – the ultimate test. Without YOUR BIAS.

Your screening and interpretation of the content isn’t relevant – YOU HAVE A LOT MORE KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTAND THAN THEY DO. What you think they need is not what they need. They are the only ones who can judge whether or not this can and does help them.

I have taught these strategies to HUNDREDS of students and I can say without any doubt that the PARENTS of those kids would have probably thought the same thing you’re thinking this is straight forward stuff – but it was about the KIDS’ perceptions, needs and results – NOT the parent’s interpretation.

If you play a sport at a competitive level, something as mundane as ‘watch or keep your eye on the ball’ seems simplistic. In squash for example, if I see that you are NOT watching the ball, there is no chance of you winning a point against me. I will exploit it EFFORTLESSLY. It is a KEY skill that every beginner needs to learn. The sooner, the better. But for an experienced player, it’s a ‘given’…

That being said, I published my eBook to get these strategies to as many students as possible – I believe in higher education and I also believe that too many people make it too hard for the average student to get better grades… These strategies work – if and only if the STUDENT has an open mind and believes they work and that he/she can make them work.

If you think they work, they work, If you don’t think they work, they don’t.

Either way, you’re right.

Go on and give them the gift of better grades right now – there is NO RISK and only upside – their grades will only improve and they will spend LESS TIME studying, worrying and getting stressed about exams.

Onward and upward!


If you’re wondering if this book is applicable to younger kids – the answer is simple. If they can read, they can understand these strategies. In fact the younger students are MORE open to this mindset than the older kids. The older they get, the more entrenched in their beliefs they become.

Which is why MOST high school and Univeristy students don’t learn how to study properly because they THINK they know how and never research it. That’s why when you do use these strategies, you’ll get better grades than your classmates!

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