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If you’re a student and are looking for cheap textbooks, take a look at they have thousands of textbooks for every conceivable subject. What you might consider if you want to get better grades, is buy a second textbook for those courses you’re struggling with. By having a different author explaining the SAME subject/topic, he/she might be able to say it in a way that you understand more clearly. I’ve done that on numerous occasions – for those subjects that were particularly hard.

Go ahead and take a look at what’s available – at those prices, you can’t afford NOT to buy it!

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  • Great suggestion Marc,

    For those studying embedded software, computer science and programming, the Head First series is an excellent way to learn these subjects because it uses a wider range of learning techniques within the books. As a professional practioner of embedded software development I have bought several of their books as they are a great way to keep important concepts fresh and I learnt things that I had not picked up in my formal studies.

    You can check out the full range here

    And if you are studying the subjects they will also augment the textbooks and help you get a more complete understanding of the topic.

    Ray Keefe

  • You can also check out , DealOz compares 200 bookstore prices and free discount coupons too.Their coupons are valid and have saved over $500 on my textbooks.

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