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Several students have asked me this question click here -> To get Cheap textbooks. Sometimes it’s all about knowing the quick answer to a question, which is why you want to create a MasterMind Group for yourself – to study better as well as achieve in sports and your career.

You’ll have better answers to questions like this because the people in your MasterMind Group will have ‘all the answers you need’ even to questions you didn’t know you needed to ask!

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  • hey Dr.Marc Dussault,

    i wanted to know what are the best resources you’ve used or learnt to develop the skill of speedreading and accelerated learning.

    not just basic stuff, the more advanced level training.

    thank you

  • I have two video programs that teach each of these skills. I have others that I will be releasing soon – first to the people who have bought my study book and then to the general public.

    My Speed Learning Video Program highlights the most effective learning strategies beyond my study book.

    I also have a Speed Reading Video Program which GUARANTEES you’ll double your reading speed in less than 2 hours.

    This program can get you to 1,000+ words per minute. Once you’ve mastered that skill, I will have an Exponential Reading Program ready early next year…

    Until then there are lots of study skills to be learned – when you purchase my book – you get DOZENS of additional bonuses, tips and tricks…

    Onward and upward!
    Dr Marc Dussault

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