Don’t Speed Read Too Fast

If you’re purchased my Speed Reading Video Program, you’re on your way to doubling your reading speed. Just like driving a car for the first time – you don’t want to go TOO FAST TOO QUICKLY.

G’day Marc,
I am practicing but I don’t seem to be enjoying the book as much. I am reading RICHARD BRANSON’S new book. Am I reading too fast? I watched 2 videos is there another one? I have a feeling I’m missing something thanks mate.


The first problem you have that holds you back from reading fast is the movement of your eyes. Once you get your eyes coordinated, the next obstacle is your brain’s ability to keep up with the words and thinking at a FASTER pace.

Like anything else, it’s a skill you DEVELOP over time. If you’re focused on ‘enjoyment’ your focus is in the wrong place – focus on PROGRESS and the enjoyment will return. It will return because it will become intuitive, natural and easy.

There is nothing missing – all you need to do is TRUST the PROCESS and let it ‘happen’ for you.

The GREAT NEWS is that you’re actually doing it and you will start to experience more and more ease as you continue…

Don’t expect miracles, but do expect breakthroughs!

Onward and upward!


If you’re having any issues or concerns, let me know and I’ll address them with you 1:1 or via this public forum.

If you want to test you reading speed to prove to yourself you CAN read much faster, then click below.

Speed read at 600 words per minute.

Speed read at 1,000 words per minute.

This is exactly what is going to happen once you’ve mastered this skill – the words will ‘fly off the page’ into your mind effortlessly – like magic. If you can do it off the screen, it means YOU ARE CAPABLE – you just need to COORDINATE your eyes to get them OFF THE PAGE!!!

4 Responses to “Don’t Speed Read Too Fast”

  • Hello Dr Dussault,

    I see an improvement in my speed and enjoyment in reading.

    Here’s what I want your suggestion for:
    1) How do I increase focus/comprehension? I am learning as I read, but not to the level I want.

    2) What is the best position for the book to be in? Flat on a table, have it slanted upwards so my neck is not so bent, hold it more in front of my face? I don’t how clear that is…

    Thank you

  • Nahyan,

    Those are two excellent questions! Please read the blog post I just published…

    Keep the questions coming!

    Onward and upward!

  • Dear Dr Marc Dussault,
    I am from India and wish to buy your speed reading video, not through credit card but by way of over the counter purchase .Kindly advise where from can I get a of the same please.

  • The only ways to purchase the book is to buy it online via my website or via (Still Internet). We do not have physical bookstore distribution in place.

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