Effort vs Performance

“A students know they get graded on performance.

C students think they get graded based on effort.”

– Dr Marc Dussault

3 Responses to “Effort vs Performance”

  • D and F students don’t want to put out any effort and don’t care about their grades. They just want to Chill! Their efforts go into impressing their “group” and performing idiot potentially harmful, risky and increasingly over the top stunts to prove their “awesomeness” to the group, irregardless of the consequences, and loss of respect for their parents and any authority.

    How can caring about school performance compete with the “high” they get from performance for or with your peers?

    In my day, these kids were laughed at. Now they are a large percentage of the school and the achievers are ridiculed. My parents used to say about my generation, “So, these are the future leaders of our country?” I feel that now, but with a knowing that this generation is even more out of control and less concerned with learning anything of future value to this country, compared to how bad our generation ever was. Our first priority is conduct of these kids before we can even attempt to approach academic performance.

    Some of this comes from schools teaching to the tests to get their funding and standing in national achievement. The students are learning ridiculous minutiae instead of important material. Everything is group seating and group projects. As a senior, my son just had to
    do a three day project on Gerunds. A poster, a lesson plan and a presentation to the class to teach what a gerund is. I never heard of a gerund before and it has never effected my life. And you wonder why kids don’t want to perform well in school. 12 years of this crap! What a waste my son’s efforts and of our tax dollars.

    • Hi Renee,

      I totally hear what you’re saying. Most kids (society) today are focused on the wrong things. Since you get what you FOCUS on, they have no clue what the long term detriment will be.

      I can be very cynical and prefer to not get on a soap box about issues like this.

      I prefer to help those who are NOT part of this negative self-destructive behaviour.


  • I agree! If YouiTube, TV and the media would focus more on those that achieve or do honorable acts, maybe there would be more kids out there that wouldn’t be afraid to follow their inner desire to achieve.

    Onward and upward for those that do!

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