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We recently announced the new Audio Book version of our bestselling study guide: Get The Best Grades With The Least Amount Of Effort. We’ve just uploaded the free sample to the product page and it’s yours for free, no opt-in or email required.

We believe you’ll realise you need to get it so you stop wasting countless hours studying for nothing when you could learn HOW to learn while taking the bus or walking to school.

There is no faster, easier way to learn these study tips. The MP3 files are compatible with your iPod, iMac, iPhone, iTunes, iPad and Windows Media Player.

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  • Dr. Dussault,

    The question that I would ask is, when I study I study too much information which leads to me wondering how to organize all the information mentally. It just seems like too much information I try to retain, leading to me actually missing the point being taught. So how does one organize all the information without over studying? I hope I communicated that question where you understand it. I have trouble communicating my thoughts where others understand what I am saying as well. Thanks

    • The best way to get past information overload and avoid over studying is to MindMap your class notes instead of using traditional notes that just pile up and overwhelm you. I created a great Mindmapping program with a local graphic artist – Paul Telling – to show you how it’s done. You don’t have to create a work of art each time you create your class notes, but the more VISUAL they are, the more MEMORABLE they will be, which means you’ll remember them more easily when it counts – on your next test or exam.

  • Dr Dussault, thank you forr this great opportunity that you brought to students.

    Following is my question:
    I live in the country called Namibia. The bank type that i use is First National Bank(FNB) and i am a student studying at the university. Can Click bank allows me to use my debit card to purchase your products?

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