Homeless to Harvard

If you think you’ve got problems – think again. Watch this video and see how perseverance and commitment pay off – for someone who really wants it. It’s not enough to “want it” – you need to be willing to do whatever it takes – sometimes literally!

5 Responses to “Homeless to Harvard”

  • Hello

    It is a So GREAT story

    “Never let someone tell you what you CAN and Can’t do and believe in people and Yourself!!”


  • What a wonderful story, very inspiring, thanks for posting it.

  • Very inspirational video, indeed. Go ahead Ashley Dawn Loggins…You have the heart and brain to deserve this great status.

  • Hey Dawn, aren’t we lucky! We have this huge opportunity to fight against poverty and wants, and then rise to the ultimate heights! This way we experience so much more, and conquer so much more, than the so-called lucky-born with silver spoon-type of fellows! Let’s face the challenge, and win it! That way, we can help others help themselves. Lots of love and prayers for you. YOU’RE THE CHAMP!

  • WOW!!! GO GIRL.
    Best wishes to Dawn, and as my family tell me when it all gets too hard “just keep swimming”.
    Dawn is an inspiration to those of us who struggle and sometimes feel like giving up.
    Thank you for sharing this story.

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