How To Ace Your Next Exam

I recently filmed a bonus video for people who buy my study book. It’s called “5 Minutes To Go From Panic To Passing Tomorrow’s Exam”. In fact, the introduction video is included at the end of this blog post. In the video, I explain strategies that make the most of the little bit of time you have when cramming for an exam at the last minute.

That’s when the two little guys below came to mind…

Ace Your Next Exam With Troll Power!

Ace Your Next Exam With Troll Power!

Here’s the thing that’s really important, as I explain in my video…

These little guys are just an ANCHOR to use WHILE you are studying to associate your NEURAL SYSTEM to something tangible. You should get a ‘lucky charm’ of some kind and make sure you keep it with you WHILE you study and bring it with you WHILE you write your exam.

My sister gave me these as a joke – for luck when I was doing my MBA. I actually brought them into ALL my exams and other students would come by my desk before the exam started to brush their fingers on their hair for good luck. It was a fun ritual we all did and it worked – I graduated with honors!

I know this sounds childish and immature, but I don’t care AS LONG AS IT WORKS. It’s fun and doesn’t hurt anyone. Now I am not advocating creating superstitions and psychological crutches that you end up being a slave to, just highlighting one of the many strategies that work so you can become a speed learner and get more studying done in less time.

My bonus video explains it in much more detail than I can manage in a blog post…

How To Ace Tomorrow’s Exam in 5 Minutes

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  • First Year University Student:
    Dear Marc Dussault:
    I recently purchased your book. It has now been a week and while I agree with a lot of the suggestions in your book, I have yet to start implementing them yet.

    I was a procrastinator in high school. Somehow though I managed to succeed enough to well and still get into the Engineering degree of my choice.
    However the same methods don’t work anymore in university. University is so different from high school!

    Yet for almost the past 5-6 years this is all I have done in order to complete my studies. I understand everything your book says and I appreciate the e-mail tips; I do the exercises and I try to eat well as well as sleep, but still… I just can’t seem to start.

    What’s wrong with me? I’ve researched on the net, and apparently there are not only procrastinators but also chronic procrastinators as well. I think I may be one for sure, for I’ve been procrastinating so long I don’t really know what the meaning of “study” is anymore…

    I make lists and lists of what I want to achieve. Each time changing and changing the detail or format, and hoping that I will implement it (I tried to start with this technique from your book first). But somehow I just become tired by the large amount of uni work covered in the day or even if I’m not tired I just would rather have fun things to do.

    I really want to succeed and do well… that should be enough motivation… but I still can’t keep it up. I did the 8-minute technique and it seemed to work well, that I actually kept going. But the next day, I looked at the same piece of math homework and I could not bring myself to continue doing it. I literally was having a mental argument inside my head for the pros and cons of not doing the homework, that I physically felt like I was actually getting stressed.

    Where do I start? And why can’t I stay motivated?

    In saying all of this, I have a mathematics exam this Friday…

    Sincerely requiring help………….!


  • You have to admit it, you can’t really get good grades if you are not focused, or have problems with your memory. This is the reason why people cram, because they seem to retain more when they study under stress. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work all the time and there are cases when you run out of time to study.

  • Uh I don’t really understand this and I need help for tomorrow’s exam. I’m gonna cry blood cuz I will fail that long answer POB exam helppppppppppppppppppppp

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