How To Deal With Teachers

I am not a big proponent of being manipulative with teachers, but the reality of the academic system is that you do need to deal with them. Tell me your story or ask me a question here by posting a comment and I will help you deal with the worst teacher(s) you have. Please do NOT use their real names -this is not about retaliation. I want to help you deal with the problem – be specific about the issue your having. Make sure you focus on TEACHING and STUDYING ISSUES – not personality conflicts.

I’m here to help you get better grades with less effort!

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  • There have been a few great teachers that you really connect with and inspire you. But there have been a greater amount of first year teachers, who can’t manage the trials of the classroom without going ballistic. There are the tenured teachers, who are like icebergs or down right aggressive and or disrespectful to children because they are just riding out their remaining years with no threat of being fired.

    And let’s not forget the “B$@&ampBuster” that thinks theirs is the only class that year and gives an unnecessary amount of tedious work and projects! The long lasting damage the bad teachers inflict is amazing. My son went from a curious kid who loved reading and school to hating both. They beat kids down until they break. One teacher destroyed the book “To Kill a Monkingbird” by having the class do a 10 part project, some involved a drawing, writing, pretend auto biography of a character, re-writing the ending in play format, create a crossword puzzle, etc.

    He was given a month to do the project on top of other classea work and projects each of course involving the same masterpiece requirement. By the time he finished the project working nights and weekends with no social time and in the last week, working with him, we were both exhausted, he and I were at odds from needing to keep him up to date on all his classes and assist him with the project (proofing, discussing book, breaking this large project into smaller goals), and he never wanted to think about the book again. This was 7th grade for G-D’s sake,not his doctoral thesis.

    And of course if anything is going wrong in class either you don’t hear from the teacher until it is too late ,they don’t respond to your communications or you, the ineffective parent is to blame, at least that is the underlying tone. Oh, and did I forget to mention that four times in my son’s education a teacher left mid-year for a maternity leave.

    He has finally built an understanding of what those teacher’s expectations, routines, etc watching as they became larger everyday. Then having to adjust to a different teacher’s style, and doesn’t care as much. And G-D help you if your child has ADD and you are asking the teacher’s help and for feedback on behavior.

    Wow, it felt good to get that out! As you can see I am really looking forward to the start of a new school year.

    • Thanks for venting – I am sure there are a lot of people out there who can empathize with you. I hope your son’s desire and thirst to learn gets re-invigorated with my book. I know it has helped thousands to have fun studying instead of seeing it as a chore.

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