How To Manage Projects and Study

Today’s post is from Natasha, she is struggling to complete a project and study at the same time.

First things first.

You need to buy my book Get The Best Grades With The Least Amount Of Effort to learn the strategies that will help you overcome study stress and overwhelm. Here is Natasha’s situation:


Greetings,Thank you for you information. I am struggling here to finish an ICT project which is due on March 27th. These days I sleep at 12.00 midnight to do the project and wake up at 3.00 am to study ICT till 6.00. I continue then go to school. I have also found that my efficiency and productivity is also less at night, but I can’t help it! At least I do less than doing nothing at all!

But at school I really find it difficult to concentrate as I feel sleepy. My teacher also scolds me…but I still want to finish the project as I started it really late and others are well ahead of me. I am really worried and lost confidence. I have paid a lot of money to sit for this exam. Would you please give me some tips to finish my project as soon as possible so that I have time to study! I went through the section where you said “Important and emergency” please elaborate more on this topic as I’ve got it important and urgent as well.

Natasha, First of all, you’ve painted yourself into a corner. That is one of the things I teach students to AVOID. Once you have painted yourself into the corner, you need to get out of it as quickly as you can.

How to get out of study stress and overwhelm

  1. Pick up my study book and determine which learning style you are. Without learning this, you are wasting too many hours study ineffectively. You need to STUDY LESS and REMEMBER MORE – you can’t do that UNLESS you know YOUR learning style. My study book explains how simple and easy this is.
  2. Once you know your learning style, you will UNDERSTAND FASTER AND REMEMBER MORE. That will give you EXTRA TIME – to sleep or catch up on other stuff.
  3. You decision to SLEEP or work on other projects is a priority management issue that I explain with a simple diagram so you can start to do the right things at the right time to reduce study stress, anxiety and overwhelm.
  4. Once you’ve done that, you will know exactly how to stay out of the URGENT and IMPORTANT quadrant. If you don’t buy my book and apply the study strategies, you’re on your own. The study tips and tools in my book are EASY to LEARN and apply. The book is inexpensive compared to the cost of NOT getting any sleep and getting poor grades and getting stressed out.

You need to start by buying my book, then applying the study strategies and then asking me SPECIFIC QUESTIONS about the strategies so I can help you get better grades with the least amount of effort!

It’s all about applying my 1 percent improvement doctrine!

Of course if you’re not speed reading, you are wasting HOURS AND HOURS reading slower than you should.

I have a Speed Reading Video Program that guarantees you will double your reading speed in less than 2 hours. That means you’ll have all that time to do projects or study. if you don’t learn to speed read, you are WASTING valuable time – time that you are not sleeping or doing something else.

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  • Hi there,
    I’ve purchased your e-book “Get the Best Grades with the Least Amount of Effort” and I’ve discovered that I am predominantly a kinesthetic. After knowing my study style is that of a kinesthetic, what do I do to hone into this and improve my grades?

  • The best thing to do is to do exercises that help you relive the sensation and experience that you are learning. For example, if you are studying graphs, ‘BECOME’ the curves, lines, points in the graphs. FEEL what it must feel like to be in the cluster of points, or along the curve or line.

    The more you ASSOCIATE with the FEELING of what you are studying, the better you will learn and remember.

    When I was studying for my Law Degree and I was reviewing wealth creation and taxation cases – I made the people real – not just using their names, but giving them ‘profile’ or identity – sometimes associating them with famous actors and actresses or movie characters.

    It makes it easy to remember something if you associate it with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie…

    As a Kinesthetic, you have to FEEL what you are learning – this can be enhanced by DOING things as well – CREATING props and other artefacts – models, diagrams, protoptypes, checklists…

    The more TANGIBLE and PHYSICAL they are, the better. That means printing them out and having them PHYSICALLY rather than just electronically.

    One last thing you can do is study with music that you can anchor feelings to the specific topic or subject you are studying – this works if you are cramming or studying JUST BEFORE an exam or test.

    As a kinesthetic – your body will associate the music with what you are reviewing and all you need to do is REMIND yourself to focus on the SENSATIONS and sometimes the SONG or melody to remember and trigger your memory… Re-reading and reviewing with a rhythm in your head also helps.

    This is NOT advised when reading or learning for the first time – it’s a strategy that works best based on RECENCY – in other words just before an exam or test.

    I hope that helps!

    Onward and upward!
    Dr Marc Dussault

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