How To Speed Read Faster

Omar sent in this question: What can I do every day to really master speed reading?

Speed Reading Tip

This is quite simple – put aside 20 to 30 minutes EVERY DAY and practice the strategy in my Speed Reading Video ProgramRead as FAST as you can, FASTER than you can comprehend. The point of doing this is NOT to READ but to practice the SKILL OF SPEED READING.

This is the #1 reason most people never end up doing more than just reading quickly – SPEED READING is a skill that requires that you breakthrough your limiting beliefs and sub-vocalisation which means you have to stop speaking the words in your head.

Not sure you can do it? I’ll prove to you that you can do it right now.

Watch this first video, that streams words at you at 600 words per minute.

How To Speed Read 600 Words Per Minute

Now watch this second video that streams the words at 1,000 words per minute.

How To Speed Read 1,000 words per minute

What this proves is that YOU CAN ACTUALLY READ THIS FAST, at 1,000 words per minute but the problem you have on paper,  or in a book is that your eyes can’t pick up the words off the page quickly enough. That is what you need to practice.

If you want a short-cut, watch this video EVERY TIME BEFORE you practice speed reading and you’ll soon notice that your reading speed will increase dramatically.

Bottom line: If you don’t practice, you won’t get the breakthrough.

By the way – the first video that streamed the words at 600 words per minute is TOO FAST for you to SAY the words in your own head which means YOU can read WITHOUT saying the words out loud… You just have to practice NOT TO.

It’s like touch typing. At first you need to look at the keys on the keyboard, eventually you don’t have to anymore… It just takes practice!

So there you go Omar – Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!

I will explain the speed reading tool I used in this video in an upcoming post – stay tuned!

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  • Hi Dr Marc, Thanks for your help.

  • I am 23 year old and from the UK, I have been taking a course for two years now but matter now hard I try with homework, tests and exams I just I keep failing. This has been the same thing since I left school, this have affected my confidence and people around me think am worthless and that wasting my time because am not going to succeed in life. I saw your program online, I ordered, hopefully it could help me to pass the course. I have exams coming up, would you advise me on how I can efficiently remember vital facts for exams?
    Thank you for your concern.

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