Mature Student Needs Good Study Habits To Get Better Grades

Today’s post is from Thanh who is challenged with focus and concentration when sitting down to studying – a common problem a lot of students have – bad study habits. First, let’s hear from Thanh…

I am not a young person, I am 53 year old, ambitious, hard working, good character, honest, responsible…I took a course more than two year ( Life Licence Qualification Program) I try, it try but I keep failing. I saw your program online, I ordered, hopefully it could help me to pass the exam. In present time, the job I have seems not secure any more. I wish to have to have the certificate to persue a new career. Would you advise the solution to affect my study? I work from 6am and be home at 6pm after home I prepare my own food, when I sit down to concentrate on the book, I feel like sleeping. But I watching TV or online reading I was awake. Sound like I am lazy, am I? Thank you for your concern.

Good Study Habit #1: Preparing properly

First, you need to prepare yourself to study. Like anything else, studying is a task that needs preparation. You need to have a special place setup and ready for you to ‘do it’. That means a desk, table that is clear and spacious enough to do what you intend to do.

I know it may sound self-evident, but you need to have your pens, pencils, highlighters, rulers, calculator, computer, dictionary, thesaurus or otehr reference books READY. As well as pads or sheets of paper.

In addition – depending on what works for you – you need to have the appropriate light and ‘ambience’ – in some cases you might need some music. I prefer instrumental music (without words or lyrics). To make sure you’re in the right mood.

You also need to PREPARE not to eat and study right away – the digestion of the meal will put you to sleep. You are better off eating 2 or 3 portions over 2-3 hours than the whole meal in one go. Even though you can stay awake watching TV – that is a PASSIVE effort with VISUAL STIMULATION – studying means you need to FOCUS with MINIMAL stimulation. The TV screen changes/moves every few seconds. A book just ‘sits there’… You have to bring it to life.

One way is to animate the process with the next good study habit

Good Study Habit #2: Animate the process

Studying can be a chore and drudgery IF you don’t create ways to ‘liven it up’. In my study book, I explain several ways to do this. In addition to those techniques, you can also make sure you change what you do ACTIVELY, by reading for 5 to 10 minutes, then solving a problem, then searching the Internet for additional information, then re-reading your class notes, then ADDING and creating new notes – then reading some more…

ACTIVELY changing things will make it more interesting – most students sit down to READ or DO PROBLEMS and fall asleep or get bored (same thing) due to lack of variety.

Good Study Habit #3: Change Your Habit

If you come home eat and then study – CHANGE THE STUDY HABIT. Come home, have a snack, study and THEN have dinner. Or come home, eat, watch ONE program and THEN study. Or try getting up early BEFORE going to work and studying BEFORE or AFTER breakfast…

Chances are you have a negative association to studying – let me give you an analogy with reading.

A lot of people say they fall asleep reading. I ask them if they read before going to bed and they say yes. I tell them to STOP reading BEFORE going to bed and NEVER read in bed – ONLY when they are wide awake.

Guess what happens? Their brain gets re-wired and they STOP falling asleep reading!

Just like that – of course it takes 21 days to BREAK a bad habit and replace it with a good one – so you have to change things around and then give it TIME…


Good Study Habit #4: Get fit

Without getting into a nutrition, fitness and health discussion – you will always struggle with studying if you are not fit and healthy. The fitter and healthier you are, the better your grades will be.

Master Chess Players do weights and train for cardio vascular endurance because they KNOW that fitness = focus and concentration… If you are fit, then you can try to sleep a little more and cut out some TV and see how that helps. Sometimes an extra 30 minutes of sleep means you can focus and concentrate for as much as ONE HOUR MORE…

Try these suggestions and let me know how it goes!

Good Study Habit #5: Speed Read

Speed Reading FORCES you to focus ACTIVELY – you can’t fall asleep SPEED READING. Plus it means that if you read twice as fast, you need to study half as much!

Get my Speed Reading Video Program now – it comes with a 100% RESULT GUARANTEE – there is no risk and you have everything to gain.

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  • igwedibia afamefuna

    please how will you get everything you are reading or how will assimilation take place when you are speed reading. i thought you are meant to cool down and study for you to absorb the information. please jotting down the main points of a subject while studying is interesting but i don’t do it most times because it wastes my time. please do you have this book available in Nigeria because i am Nigerian and i live here.please also help me i want to improve on my reading skill. in the next mail you will send to me please give a small hint on how to improve in my academics and reading skill.

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    Caylene Vincent

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