My Book Can Produce ‘Instant’ Results

Zina, a concerned mom asks how quickly my study tips can help her son. The quick answer is almost instantly. I would NOT recommend buying it the DAY BEFORE A FINAL EXAM and expecting a miracle, but even the day before an exam can be a great time to LEARN 3 or 4 EXAM TAKING STRATEGIES that work, well instantly DURING your next exam!

Without jumping into 3 or 4 tangential discussions, my book is DESIGNED to help students get better grades IMMEDIATELY. Within 1 hour of reading – even skimming through the book, a student will quickly realise how easy it is to put these study techniques to use RIGHT AWAY.

If you know a student who is struggling, buy my study book, and enter his/her e-mail so he/she gets it AND ALL THE BONUSES directly.

The sooner he/she gets it, the better.

To be straight to the point – the study strategies are so SIMPLE and EASY, some people ask for a refund because they just don’t understand the POWER OF SIMPLICITY. As you can read for yourself on this blog and the fact that my study book has been translated into 3 languages with 2 more coming, AND it’s been sold to students from 29 different countries — these strategies work.

Get the study book for your son ASAP and watch his transformation!

The Speed Learning Video Program which is included FREE with my study book will also help in the short term with short cuts, note taking tips and exam preparation strategies.

The Speed READING Program is also recommended, but if he’s in a panic with exams, it might be best to buy it and let him decide when he has time to practice. The sooner he starts speed reading, the sooner he will get the benefits of faster reading. The time he takes to LEARN he is still READING = there is no time lost. It’s not like he needs to do something else – he will only get faster and faster with no disadvantage beyond the 1 hour video he needs to watch.


My son is coming home for 3 weeks (from UK Boarding School) shortly.  He is
due to sit his FINAL IB EXAMS at the beginning of May 2009.  I know he has
been working HARD but is still concerned about some aspects of his 6
subjects.  Would your “Best Grades” product be too late to be of any
practical use to him or would it be of significant help?  Also, does this
course require a lot of learning of techniques which ultimately takes time
away from valuable revision?

I would appreciate an honest reply at your earliest convenience.

Thank you

(Concerned mum) Zina Bhatia

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