Readers Make 2.3 Times More Money!

Here’s an astounding fact – readers make more money – a lot more! Even in tough economic times. According to a number of recent studies, business people who read at least seven business books a year earn over 2.3 times more than those who read only one book per year.


One reason is they have a constant flow of new ideas and strategies they can use to help their careers, their teams and their companies.

A study by Bersin & Associates found that while 74.9% of all managers understand that reading more would give them a competitive advantage, they simply think they don’t have the time to read more books.

The problem … who has time to do all that reading?

The solution… Learn how to do speed reading! It’s easy and guaranteed!

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  • Hello Marc,

    I’ve had a look on your blog, very helpful, but couldn’t find where I could post a question, so I thought I’ll just email it to you.

    I’ve purchased your speed reading videos about 6weeks ago. I’ve moved up from 200-250 to 450-650wpm.

    My problem now is that I can seem to break through this barrier and I really want to get over a 1000.

    I’ve got one issue in applying the hand technique – I dont know which is more effective;
    – whether I should move my finger in a flow motion and increase speed towards end of line???
    – whether I should bounce 2-4x through each line instead of a smooth flow (this fixation technique allows me to take in 3-4 words at a time)???

    You see Marc I dont know which technique is better for breaking through the barrier. Personally, I find myself bouncing more so than the first technique as I feel I can read faster that way. I feel that the first technique wastes time as my mind reads every word (which isn’t necessary).

    I really need some direction here.
    Looking forward to a favourable reply.

    Thanks in advance.



    • Baz,
      First of all you can ask a question via a comment on my or any blog. (I cut and pasted your email into a blog comment for you…)

      To answer your question to get past this block – it doesn’t matter which one of the two speed reading techniques you use. You need to stop saying the words in your head and trust that you are reading them all EVEN if you think you are skipping words – you’re not. You are just SEEING them FASTER than you can SAY them vocally.

      The ONLY way you can get to speed reading at 1,000 words per minute is by trusting that you don’t have to SPEAK the words in your head.

      The first time this happens will BLOW YOUR MIND.

      It will be hard to get back to that, but soon it will become ‘automatic’ and second nature…

      Good luck!
      Dr Marc Dussault

  • Hey Marc,
    Thanks for the early and helpful reply.

    I understand exactly what you mean. In fact I have partly experienced that sensation you’re referring to. It normally happens after say 20-30min of reading then I get in this zone where my speed vastly excels and words start to fly at me at high rates and I’m able to absorb it. Only problem is that it doesn’t last for long.

    Do you have any recommendations to get me to a level where I’m able to control this power?

    It really annoys me because sometimes I read for close to an hour and still don’t get that sensation, in fact my speed just gets slower. What should I do?

    Also, as your personal technique, what method do you apply when speed reading – fixations or the smooth flow?

    Further, this sensation I’ve only experienced when reading novels, but not yet with my uni books. I’m a 4th year law student. Is it possible to achieve such high rates with dense legal texts?

    Thanks in advance.

    Warm regards,

    • Baz,
      Here’s the thing you’re not going to like to hear – the only reason you can’t do speed reading all the time is because you’re not smart enough.


      Let me explain. First, you have to train your eyes to SEE the words, then it’s to STOP saying them in your head, then it’s to actually UNDERSTAND the ideas, phrases and sentences FAST ENOUGH… That takes time, but trust me – you’re smart enough if you’re in 4th year law – your brain just needs to catch up to your eyes.

      Guess what’s going to happen when that happens?

      Yep – your brain is going to go into what I call “hyper mode” you will feel like your a genius!

      Your thoughts are going to accelerate and you’ll get hooked on speed reading like never before —

      Oh yeah, one more thing – I was speed reading for my Post-Graduate Law Degree in Taxation, it doesn’t get more technical than that!

      BUT- it takes time, patience and practice – stick with it and you’ll soon realise that your brain is like any other muscle. Once you work on it, it gets stronger and stronger!

      Onward and upward!

  • Teachin 'n Preachin

    Reading really does open so many doors- but I had never considered it to be a key of making more money.

    What a great statistic. I will be printing that out in LARGE letters to post on the wall of my classroom.

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