Speed Reading Advantages

If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between reading and speed reading, here’s a quick comparison table for you.

Average Reader Speed Reader
Words Per Minute 200-300 600-1,200
Comprehension Needs to re-read the same text several times Reduced need to re-read, if required with new material, does it FASTER
Memory recall Poor due to lack of focus and attention due to the long time it takes to read Excellent BECAUSE of laser-like focus for short periods of time
Boring and Banal Material Puts you to sleep Get it over and done with quickly
Theoretical Textbooks Can’t get to the core issues without losing focus Get to the central points quickly to understand them better
Dyslexic Students Struggle to read – avoid it as much as possible Proven to improve reading speed by 200 to 500%.
Lazy Students Read half as much as they should Read everything they should because they are 2 to 3 times faster
Top Students Read instead of going out with friends Can still get top grades AND have a social life
Mature Students Get inundated with pre-requisite material they need to read to get the background to the current material – always struggling to keep up Get through the background material in a fraction of the time to focus on learning the stuff that’s on the exam!
Athletes Usually don’t get good grades because they spend so much time training for their sport Can get through ALL their reading material WITHOUT compromising their athletic performance
Business People Usually skim and skip their reading material – often missing key principles Can not only read ALL their course material, but save valuable time so their career doesn’t suffer while their ‘in school’
‘Bad Students’ Never quite get the consistent As and Bs Gain confidence because this makes them ‘smarter’ than their friends!
Parents Don’t know how to help them get better grades This is a quick and easy skill to learn that is PROVEN to work and improve students’ grades

6 Responses to “Speed Reading Advantages”

  • I ordered your course so I could learn to be a better student, but there are specific goals I want to accomplish and your book doesn’t teach me what I need to know.

    I want to learn how to read faster while boosting my comprehension, but I don’t want to have to order YET ANOTHER course to do so.

    I’ve worked with so many courses over the years hoping to find a solution, but none of them have worked for me. Every time I try to do something, I have to do something else first. And most of the time, that “something else” entails spending more and more money. All I’ve done is waste energy, time, and money; and I’m tired of it. I’m going insane. PLEASE HELP!

    • Amber,
      I understand your situation, but honestly – what you’re asking is to get something for free and that as you know… “you get what you pay for”.

      My Speed Reading Video Program is currently only $47 and comes with an 8-week money-back guarantee, so you have no risk. But here’s what you probably don’t want to hear.

      You actually have to do the technique – it won’t happen by itself. I don’t know anyone WHO DID what I suggested who did not at least double their reading speed.

      Simple as that. I read between the lines and it seems like you’re expecting a ‘miracle cure’ – there is none.

      But once you learn the skill, it’s yours for life.

      Simple as that.

    • Amber,
      As I mentioned in a previous blog post reply, I think you need to separate the cost of buying something with the VALUE. It seems to me your resistance to buy something precedes the VALUE of what you will learn from it.

      I’ll put it differently: If for every $1 you gave me, I gave you $5, how many $1 would you give me?

      If for every $10 you gave me, I gave you $50, how many $10 would you give me?


      I understand your apprehension to buy programs, but with ClickBank, you get an 8-week money-back guarantee, so there is no risk.

      You’ve seen my website, my blog and everything I talk and write about. I know what I’m doing. My results and my clients’ results prove it.

      The only question is – why you make the investment in yourself to get the payback/rewards you really, really want?

      There is no “quick fix” – if there was, everyone would have it and we’d all be at the same point.

      There are HUGE REWARDS for people who learn the strategies and skills that work.

      Make the investment in yourself because when all is said and done – it’s ALL up to you.

      If you let yourself down and don’t make the investment – you will pay the price, for the rest of your life/career.

      I see it all the time with business people who have very little education and or skills – they struggle to write emails, they can’t articulate what they do, they are unable to document their products and services and it’s all because they didn’t learn HOW to learn, don’t read much and therefore are ALWAYS a few steps behind.

  • I am a huge advocate for speed reading. It has saved me tons of money and days of work over the years. I really wish more people would understand and utilize the beauty of speed reading.

  • I am e-mailing this link to my sister right this minute. She needs this. I have been trying ot teach her for years, but the dynamic between us just isnt condusive for learning. She will love this, I think, and she won’t be learning it from me, so that should make her a little more willing to try it.

  • How about a speed learning program?

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