Struggling With Your English Course?

Chances are if you’re in high school, struggling with your English courses – it’s at least partially because you’re TEXTING and TWEETING too much. A recent study reported that British teens were using approximate 800 words a day, significantly less than the 40,000 words a typical 16-year-old should have at his or her command.

Here’s an exponential tip for you – try to learn ONE NEW WORD EVERY DAY… That will help replace the one you’re FORGETTING every day!

A great site you can bookmark is Visual Thesaurus. It’s also a great resource when you’re writing term papers and need to find just the right word!

3 Responses to “Struggling With Your English Course?”

  • Great post. It seems accurate from my perspective. Students in high school and college, really do seem to text too much. Sometimes I am discussing their next assignment as I walk around the class, and I see a students texting away. I tell them that THEY paid for their class time. THEY are the ones who are wasting their money. Even though they may be physically present, they are absent when they text.

    Jose Blanco

    • Jose,
      I have to agree with you that students who waste their time texting all day long are wasting their most valuable resource – their time. So many are tired, stressed and otherwise overloaded with their studies yet waste valuable MINUTES that end up being hours at the end of the week. Any student who wants to get the most of his or her study time would only text when absolutely necessary.

      That’s one of the things I teach people in my study programs. It’s all the small things that add up to make a difference. One of the easiest ways to get extra-ordinary results is NOT to do what everyone else is doing. They are the “herd” and the herd always gets “average” results. By doing things that are DIFFERENT, such as NOT texting “non-stop” you become apart from the herd = EXCEPTIONAL.

      Here’s the powerful concept – if YOU don’t text as a student, your focus is going to be better = without doing anything, you’ll be “better than the average/the herd”. Sure it takes a little discipline, but isn’t it worth it to get an A- instead of a B+ or a C instead of a D?

      Here’s the thing the herd NEVER figures out… Once you’re out of the herd, you leave them behind FOREVER. Never to be mediocre ever again and guess what? It gets easier to compete because there are fewer people outside of the herd than inside! They are called winners and they are the people you want in your Study MasterMind Group !

      Onward and upward!
      Dr Marc Dussault

  • Thank You Dr. Dussault:

    I admire your perspective and the message you are conveying. I will make sure my students are exposed to your program.


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