Students Social NOTworking

Today’s post is quick and to the point because The Economist Magazine recently reported that 75% of student time is used for socialising, recreation and sleeping and only 7% for studying.

It’s no mystery why so many students are struggling to get good grades.

Stop reading this and get back to your books!!!!

2 Responses to “Students Social NOTworking”

  • You said it. They all think because they grew up with multitasking electronics, that they can continue this pattern and still succeed.

    Also, the thought of doing such a boring thing as reading, studying and note taking is just so painful. Wait till they have jobs and kids!

    Then they will understand why these social networks are predominantly used by young people. I don’t have time to text what I am doing and certainly there is no time to play these ridiculous Facebook games. Retired seniors might have more time for this stuff.

    As an aside, my son has rediscovered the beauty of letter writing and enjoys the anticipation of receiving a reply letter in the mail.

    Why? Because his best friend is now in jail!

    • The great aspect of so many young people wasting their time with Facebook and Twitter is that the SMART KIDS out there who don’t waste their time will have it so much easier. Imagine playing socker and tying your competitor’s shoelaces…

      This is the same thing – just less obvious.

      Enough said!

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