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Get Better Grades For FREE

Some students are quite resourceful – they realise that when they get two or three of their friends to buy my study book, it ends up being FREE! Others are a little more industrious and have realised that BECAUSE they’re in school and have access to other students, they can actually create another source of income for themselves!

Some questions people ask about the study book affiliate program include:

Who manages the lists?

The list of buyers is not sent back to affiliates – the logistics of doing this is too cumbersome and complex. You keep your list and we keep ours. We only end up with people who buy our product… We do know that it takes SEVERAL e-mails to get sales and each time a DIFFERENT approach is used, there is a new opportunity to get them to buy. An e-mail about EXAMS is different that one to TAKE NOTES or REDUCE STRESS, or SPEED READ… Each one attracts a different segment.

ClickBank automatically pays you into your account – we don’t handle any of the financial transactions at our end. We just know when a product is bought or a refund requested. Psst! Our refunds are really, really low because these strategies WORK!

Where does the study tip blog fit in?

My study tips blog is a good indirect way for you to get people ‘interested’… it introduces them to the concept and gives them a chance to consider the product.

The best way to promote my study book is to use Exponential Internet Marketing Strategies that I teach – the least expensive way to acquire this knowledge is via the Silver Membership which is $97/month.

We don’t do affiliate training and support since our pages themselves convert well enough that our best affiliates use Google Adwords and Social Networking Strategies to get people to click through to the site.