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MBA Students: Get PAID to write your next term paper or thesis!

I have clients who need research reports written. They are flexible to accommodate your academic schedule. They need a variety of research reports written on a multitude of topics, industries and subjects. If you are an MBA or other post graduate student and want to get paid to write your next term paper or thesis… Post a comment on this blog.

I’m totally serious – I’ve done this myself – get paid for term papers that I later published and I have paid students to do research – it’s a win-win proposition and there is nothing against it in the academic regulations that says you can’t get paid for writing your own term papers! Of course the reverse is wrong – paying for term papers… That’s plain cheating.

The term papers will be used by real businesses. Examples include:

  • Industry segment analyses
  • Competitor analyses
  • SWOT Analyses
  • Porter’s 5 Forces Analyses
  • Literature reviews on specific topics and issues
  • Statistical research on industry data
  • Competitor comparisons
  • Value Chain Analyses

We’re looking for term papers that can be quickly converted into whitepapers or masters or post-graduate degree thesis that can be edited into a book or formal report. Due to the commercial nature of the documents, chances are if you’ve already written a term paper or thesis, it’s probably not of interest, but you never know. Sometimes a small adjustment of 2-3 hours of editing is all that’s needed to transform it into something one of my clients can use.

The industries are varied and range from plumbing, jewelry design, printer and copier fleet management, accounting and tax management and even cosmetic dentistry.

Ideally, you’re wondering what to do your next term paper on, have some areas of interest and just want to turn your term paper into a cash payment…