Teachers As Mentors

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  • Sir,
    I am a Soft skills-Life skills trainer -Student motivator-Counselor and Spiritual coach from India with 9 years training experience.

    Times have changed. Today subject knowledge is not enough-Soft skills and Life skills are the need of the hour.

    Students are lost in the jungle of materialistic desires-too many distractions-messed up relationships-no purpose and direction in life-insecurity about the future resulting in stress and anxiety and the list can go on.

    Mentoring and counseling is top priority because students need to talk to someone before falling into bad company and bad habits. Soft skills prepare them for employment while life skills prepare them for life.

    This is a wake up call-Make soft skills-Life skills training part of the curriculum.

    Thanking you,

    Shyam Menon
    Soft skills-Life skills trainer-Motivator-Counselor and spiritual coach.

    • I totally agree with you – I just focus my study tips on the academic aspect – I do the mentoring and coaching for business people, for the same reasons.

      A singular approach is not enough – you MUST have a holistic approach.

      My study skills embrace the HOLISTIC approach my expanding your circle of influence (Chapter One of my book).

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