Why my study tips work

I think you should watch this video, it’s only 3 minutes long and explains…

How and why my study techniques work

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  • Hi,

    I really wanted to buy your book with the speed learning video ($37). But, I have some questions to ask you.

    1. I am in Hong Kong. If I pay the money, how can I take the book?
    2. How does the 60-day guarantee work? How can I have back the money?
    3. Is it $37 American Dollars?


    • Hi Holden,

      1. The study book and speed learning videos are all delivered electronically. You will receive the download links instantly once you make payment via PayPal or credit card.

      2. If you want your money back, you apply to ClickBank and they take care of it for you. We have one of the lowest refund requests in our category because the strategies work. You click on the hyperlink to read the HUNDREDS of student testimonials we have on our site.

      3. Yes, the pricing is in US Dollars.

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