Your Untrained Brain Can Work Against You

Today’s blog post is a clarification from my Speed Learning Video Program. The quote was “The brain stops reading fast it does not want to get dizzy”. It was after I mentioned you can read 200% faster on screen using Rapid Reader because your eyes don’t have to go from left to right.

Someone contacted me and was wondering if this has any thing to do with past negative programming that the brain can work against you. For example if you have not had a lot to do with a subject and tried to take it for a study course, would the brain work against you automatically?

This is a great question – and you’re not going to expect the answer I’m about to give…

First of all, the brain works on a principle originated by Virginia Satir called Positive Intent.

Simply put, the brain always acts with a positive intent and will direct you to what you may perceive as an undesirable outcome because it doesn’t know the difference between the immediate and long-term intent you may have.

The UNTRAINED BRAIN reacts in the NOW. The TRAINED brain doesn’t react – it can be managed to act for the FUTURE.

The best way to explain this is with Speed Reading – your brain needs to be TRAINED to read left-to-right quickly, without getting ‘sea sick’ or nauseated – if this happens, hold your chin until you finally stop moving your head. Otherwise POSITIVE INTENT sets in and your brain will PROHIBIT YOU from speed reading. It feels the nausea and more painful than not speed reading… Even though you can totally control and stop the movement – it’s not smart enough to do that ON ITS OWN.

So to answer the question – YES the brain will work AGAINST you if it feels that the PAIN of learning a new topic is more than the PLEASURE of doing something else – that’s where Personal Mastery and emotional control comes into play – to train your brain to realise that the long-term advantages will be more pleasure than the immediate discomfort.

In sport, this is called creating muscle memory, but that’s a topic for my Mindset Of A Champion Blog.

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