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    • The 5-step system you can use to organize your academic work, social activities, sports and family responsibilities around your "peak performance periods" for maximum results.
    • What to do when you get a bad grade, despite doing everything right.
    • How to excel at sports, have an active social life and still get As and Bs in most of your subjects WITHOUT staying up late to do your homework
  • 7 studying shortcuts that save time WITHOUT compromising results.
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    • How to finish your homework and school assignments BEFORE you get back home from school!
  • How to determine exactly what will be on your next exam.
    • What PEAK PERFORMANCE athletes and SUPER-ACHIEVERS have in common... and how that can help you to get As & Bs
    • How to improve your concentration and focus and master any skill, subject or aptitude without sweating bullets!
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    • Should you do your reading for all your subjects in ONE sitting? Find out the truth...
    • How to develop razor-sharp analytical and diagnostic skills that will not only boost your exam performance but also help land you a dream job.

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    I completed a 4-year Engineering Degree, which takes many students 5 years to complete, in 3 years with two specializations (majors), not just one.

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    While I was doing my MBA AND Ph.D. on a full-time basis, as the founder of my own start-up company, I used Exponential Marketing Strategies, with no money down, to build my service company 3 times faster, with double the industry average sales per employee, with a fraction of the industry's employee attrition rate WHILE consistently producing twice the profitability of my competitors - and graduated with honors!

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    When I moved to Australia, I completed a thesis for a Doctorate in Business Administration Degree in 3 months - a process that takes even the most committed academic "nerd" at least 12, if not 24, months to write. My thesis was accepted by two external examiners "as presented", a rare accomplishment at this elite level of academic performance. By the way, my 500-page thesis included more than 1,200 references, 46 summary tables, 19 figures and a whopping 8 appendices! The file size was so big, Microsoft Word kept crashing, forcing me to put the appendices in a separate file!

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    Recently, while I worked for a global software vendor, I leveraged the SAME strategies to produce marketing results 30 TIMES (that's 3,000%) greater than the company's norms with the same closing (conversion) ratios as my contemporaries in other regions of the world, growing the business more than 50% per year while I completed a post graduate law degree with a specialization in taxation, superannuation and asset protection, completing it with Distinction in less than one year without a single work colleague being aware of my extra-curricular academic activities.

Dr Marc Dussault
B.Eng, E.M.B.A., GAICD, MLS (UNSW Law), D.B.A., FAIM
Author of How To Get The Best Grades With The Least Amount Of Effort


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