10 Mind Tricks To Learn Anything Fast

This short video is a great reminder of simple things you can do to improve your study skills to learn anything fast and remember it!

Little things that make a BIG difference.

Study Tip #1: Use the sleep sandwich to remember a lot more.

Study Tip #2: Master modifications to reinforce your learnings and commit them to long-term (better) memory.

Study Tip #3: Weaving subjects throughout your study sessions, not too much, but enough to create natural variety and keep you motivated, interested and focused.

Study Tip #4: Chew gum! Yeah, this one’s something you just have to try. I totally get the relaxation benefit (if it works for you) and like everything else I teach, let YOUR RESULTS determine if it works or not, for you!

Study Tip #5: Hydrate, which is always good advice, but don’t over do it. Not enough is as bad as too much, in fact it’s called water intoxication!

Study Tip#6: Use multiple mediums; flashcards, books, the internet, videos, mindmaps, etc. Use your three primary senses to reinforce what you are studying: Visual (eyes, looking at diagrams, notes, illustrations, mindmaps), kinesthetic (feeling, touching, doing) and auditory (ears, listening, repeating it out loud).

Study Tip #7: Speed Read! This is a no-brainer. Any time saved by reading faster will help with your studying.

Study Tip #8: Listen to music for stress relief and to remove external distractions in the background. As I keep saying, test, test, test! Make sure you test classical music, sounds of nature, and other types of music without lyrics or in a language you don’t understand to not be distracted!

Study Tip #9: Practice in pieces, which means like tip #3, break things down into smaller, more digestible chunks that your brain can process more efficiently, as it gets more accustomed to the new topic or subject.

Study Tip #10: Take the hard road, which means do the work that is necessary to AVOID CUTTING CORNERS while finding shortcuts that WORK and don’t compromise your RESULTS. The top suggestion is to WRITE your notes BY HAND and not relay on your keyboard. It has been proven to improve memory retention and recall by orders of magnitude and is one of the easiest things to do – especially if you MINDMAP YOUR NOTES!

Bonus Study Tip: Get my bestselling book on how to get the best grades with the least amount of effort that has helped thousands of students develop shortcuts to learn faster, remember more and excel at school and work by becoming a super learner. It’s so good, it comes with an 8-week 100% no-questions-asked money back guarantee!

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