Are You An Adult Struggling With Basic Math, Reading or Writing?

There are countless websites and apps available to help you. Your success to learn what you missed in elementary, middle and high school now, as it did then, depends on you DOING the exercises and determining if their navigation systems get you through to the next stages effectively and of course if ANYTHING STICKS. In elementary, grade and middle school, there is a LOT of time spent on REPETITION to make sure the concepts STICK.

If you rush through now and just tick boxes, doing exercises only once, nothing will STICK.

You’ll be right where you started, but will have wasted your time and that will add to your on-going frustration. 

This is a big task and you need to have PATIENCE. It’s a multi-year undertaking if you’re trying to fill in the gaps for 12 years of math in elementary, middle and high school.

That will NOT happen quickly.

And you’ll probably have to go through MULTIPLE sites, apps and tutors throughout your journey.

In school, you would had multiple teachers, attending different schools…

If you want to accelerate the learning process and reduce the time it takes to learn new (and old skills), you can tap into advanced learning strategies.

We all have skills (talents) we want to add to our ’stack’…

Most people start and give up pretty quickly. It’s only those who persevere and DO STUFF that can acquire those ’talents’ and then have them in their arsenal to create the ultimate destiny they want.

This is NOT rocket science. You just have to DO IT.

It’s like swimming. Most people can’t swim which requires breathing ‘under water’ and tumble turning at the end of the pool— even though they THINK they can…

Because they watch the Olympics and Olympians make it look so DAMN EASY…

Everyone has this warped self-perception, it’s human nature.

All you need to do is COMMIT to DOING what needs to be done and then JUST DO IT.

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