The Quiet Value of Patience for a 21st Century Student

Schools underscore the values of diligence and perseverance, but in order to achieve these, you must first learn the value of patience. It’s a virtue that’s often lost today because people are used to lightning-fast developments. Life moves a lot faster, and we want things to happen right away. Just take a look at how computer users get frustrated when websites don’t load immediately.

Patience is not just a willingness to wait-it also a willingness to be inconvenienced for a while, in the name of keeping the peace. It’s a willingness to take the harder path for much better outcomes.

As a student, patience is a virtue you need to hone as you finish your studies and become part of the wider world.

Why Should You Be Patient?

When people talk about patience, they always highlight its benefits for the recipient of the patient behaviour. If you’re a patient parent, your child won’t be at the receiving end of a yell fest. If you’re a patient customer, people who work in customer support won’t experience undue frustration.

However, the value of patience also benefits you. Patient people experience better mental health because you can cope better with upsetting situations. You feel more grateful, and you’re always at peace.

Patience attracts people, too-people who can control your temper create better relationships. If you’re a patient friend, your clique returns the kindness. If you’re a patient entrepreneur, you cultivate great business relationships. You have your pick of options for outsourcing back office stuff. A lot of investors will approach you, and customers would be loyal to you.

More importantly, patience helps you achieve your goals. Because you’re willing to tough it out, you are better placed to succeed.

How to Be More Patient

Patience-like every other skill-takes time to develop. You can’t transform into a saint overnight, especially if you’re prone to bouts of temper. The good news, however, is that you can start nurturing patience today.

  1. Be in touch with your emotions – The first step to being patient is to actively recognize the moments when you’re impatient. People get lost in anger and rage that they forget that they are dealing with people who can be affected by their words and actions. Whenever you feel impatient, acknowledge that you are impatient, and think why you are so.
  2. Reframe your mind – Understand that it isn’t always the other person’s fault. Perhaps there are too many diners and too few workers, so your food takes a while. Perhaps your classmate didn’t intentionally lose your brand-new pen. Try to see things from the other person’s perspective.
  3. Focus on the big picture – Choose your battles; you cannot be frustrated at every little inconvenience. Always look at the bigger picture. In fulfilling your dreams, this delayed package might not even matter.

Patience is quiet, but it speaks volumes about the kind of person that you are. And the beautiful thing about patience is that it is, more often than not, reciprocated. A little patience every day goes

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