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Read more, achieve more

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“The more that you read,The more things you will know.The more that you learn,The more places you’ll go.”

Why Speed Reading Is So Valuable

Speed Reading, Speed Read, How To Speed Read, How To Do Speed ReadingThis chart shows the progressive relationship between data, information, knowledge and wisdom.

Simply put, the larger the base, the higher the pyramid.

In other words, if you want to acquire wisdom, the more data and information you can process, the better.

The faster you can read, the more you can read.

The more you can read, the better.

To learn Speed Reading, click on the hyperlink.

Speed Reading Results

If you haven’t yet purchased my Speed Reading Video Program, this is what you’re missing out on – RESULTS LIKE THESE. One of my ‘students’ sent me his actual results with the condition of anonymity because I know he’s going to improve even more than this.

These are comparisons of three different tests before and after using my speed reading technique.

Dr Marc Dussault’s
TEST #1 310 869 2.8 280
359 792 2.2 221
308 620 2.0 201
144 504 3.5 350
TEST #2 367 1300 3.5 354
250 900 3.6 360
248 2160 8.7 871
260 550 2.1 212
147 342 2.3 233
271 1111 4.1 410
270 720 2.7 267
TEST #3 260 737 2.8 283
253 860 3.4 340
194 550 2.8 284
338 754 2.2 223
190 710 3.7 374
247 825 3.3 334
183 585 3.2 320
Average 256 827 3.2 324

Sleep Reading?

As a reader of this blog, you know I’m an advocate of Speed Reading, with a program that guarantees you can double your reading speed in less than one hour.

This photo was just too good not to share with you – One of the biggest mistakes you can ever make is to read in bed, creating a neural association between reading and fatigue, but that being said, you have to admit, this photo is PRICELESS!

How To Speed Read

Sleep Reading?

25 Speed Reading Tips Every Student Should Know

I recently came across this great list of 25 Speed Reading Tips Every Student Should Know. I thought I would pass it on – every once in a while you need to review what you’re doing to keep making the 1 percent improvement you’re committed to! If you come across any other great resources out there, please let me know!

To double your reading speed in less than 2 hours <<<<—- Click here!

How To Speed Read Twice As Fast As You Do Now

This is a new video that I published on YouTube recently. It’s a summary of How To Speed Read which, as a reader of this blog, you know by now is the #1 most important skill you need to acquire to get the best grades with the least amount of effort. It’s incredibly simple and easy to learn, in fact I have taught thousands of students, many of them grade school kids… Why not you? Have a look at this short YouTube video and then decide you can do it.

How To Speed Read Twice As Fast As You Do Now

Dyslexic Students Can Get Better Grades

I was recently asked if my Get The Best Grades With The Least Amount Of Effort can help dyslexic students and the answer is a resounding yes! The reason is that my study techniques help YOU discover and reveal HOW you learn best and gives you a framework to do it over and over again – effortlessly.

Also, you can use Rapid Reader to speed read your WORD and PDF documents at lightning fast speed – ESPECIALLY if your dyslexic. Give the video a go below and see what happens… Imagine how easier it will be for you to read this way!

Some dyslexic students have found that ONCE they’ve used Rapid Reader for a while, their dyslexia ‘subsides’ which makes no sense, but they don’t care!!!

So there you have it – another reason to buy my Get The Best Grades With Least Amount Of Effort Book!

How To Speed Read Faster

Omar sent in this question: What can I do every day to really master speed reading?

Speed Reading Tip

This is quite simple – put aside 20 to 30 minutes EVERY DAY and practice the strategy in my Speed Reading Video ProgramRead as FAST as you can, FASTER than you can comprehend. The point of doing this is NOT to READ but to practice the SKILL OF SPEED READING.

This is the #1 reason most people never end up doing more than just reading quickly – SPEED READING is a skill that requires that you breakthrough your limiting beliefs and sub-vocalisation which means you have to stop speaking the words in your head.

Not sure you can do it? I’ll prove to you that you can do it right now.

Watch this first video, that streams words at you at 600 words per minute.

How To Speed Read 600 Words Per Minute

Now watch this second video that streams the words at 1,000 words per minute. Continue reading ‘How To Speed Read Faster’

Don’t Speed Read Too Fast

If you’re purchased my Speed Reading Video Program, you’re on your way to doubling your reading speed. Just like driving a car for the first time – you don’t want to go TOO FAST TOO QUICKLY.

G’day Marc,
I am practicing but I don’t seem to be enjoying the book as much. I am reading RICHARD BRANSON’S new book. Am I reading too fast? I watched 2 videos is there another one? I have a feeling I’m missing something thanks mate.


The first problem you have that holds you back from reading fast is the movement of your eyes. Once you get your eyes coordinated, the next obstacle is your brain’s ability to keep up with the words and thinking at a FASTER pace.

Like anything else, it’s a skill you DEVELOP over time. If you’re focused on ‘enjoyment’ your focus is in the wrong place – focus on PROGRESS and the enjoyment will return. It will return because it will become intuitive, natural and easy.

There is nothing missing – all you need to do is TRUST the PROCESS and let it ‘happen’ for you.

The GREAT NEWS is that you’re actually doing it and you will start to experience more and more ease as you continue…

Don’t expect miracles, but do expect breakthroughs!

Onward and upward!


If you’re having any issues or concerns, let me know and I’ll address them with you 1:1 or via this public forum.

If you want to test you reading speed to prove to yourself you CAN read much faster, then click below.

Speed read at 600 words per minute.

Speed read at 1,000 words per minute.

This is exactly what is going to happen once you’ve mastered this skill – the words will ‘fly off the page’ into your mind effortlessly – like magic. If you can do it off the screen, it means YOU ARE CAPABLE – you just need to COORDINATE your eyes to get them OFF THE PAGE!!!

Speed Reading Secrets Revealed

Today’s post is a response to a comment from Virginia who purchased my Speed Reading Video Program that guarantees you’ll DOUBLE your reading speed within one hour.

She said it would help if I gave her additional distinctions to help her get to the 1,800 words per minute that completely changed my academic career.

Just so we understand each other – I completed my MBA, Ph.D. and Post-Graduate Law Degrees WHILE working or growing my businesses FULL TIME… That’s the point – you can have it all when you have the right study techniques whether you’re in high school, college or university.

Speed Reading is all about getting your eyes to read faster – if you want to test how quickly you can read RIGHT NOW, watch the YouTube video below to read at 600 Words per Minute Right Now.


Once you’ve done that, give it a go at 1,000 words per minute…


This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you CAN SPEED READ.

The $1 million question is how do you do that with your textbooks?!?!

Of course you need to buy my speed reading course, but there are a few distinctions I want to share with you that will help you once you’ve bought it.

  • You need to practice the technique EVERY TIME you’re alone so that it becomes intuitive and AUTOMATIC. Like any sport, you can’t MASTER a technique without practice.
  • I explain in the video program why you don’t want to do this in public or in front of anyone UNTIL you MASTER it, then you can show off all you want 🙂
  • Within 3 to 10 hours of actually doing the technique, you WILL have or get close to your breakthrough – you’ll sense the excitement and you’ll KNOW the feeling – KEEP going until you CRASH RIGHT THROUGH THE BARRIER!!!

I can remember when I was doing my coursework for my Ph.D. Program – I was taking a FULL-TIME course load of 4 seminars while my classmates were taking 2. At the end of the semester, everyone was complaining about the reading load – we had to read the equivalent of 3 full textbooks…

The professors asked each student how much time they spent READING for the course and the average Ph.D. student was reading an incredible 18 hours/week for this one seminar. Plus the term papers and seminar sessions…

When I was asked, I couldn’t reveal I was speed reading – otherwise I would have had to teach everyone and that was a burden I didn’t want so I said “There wasn’t more reading in THIS course than in my other courses” and left it at that.

No one ever knew I was speed reading.

Only my professors knew I was taking DOUBLE the COURSE LOAD.

One of the tricks I used to read faster, because at 1,800 words per minute, the biggest time waster is turning pages… is that I would get 2 pages photocopied per 8.5×11″ or A4 sheet and copied back-to-back so that once placed in a binder, I was able to read 4 pages every time I turned the page once.

That alone helped me go from speed reading 1,200 to 1,800 words per minute.

Before you get to that point, you need to buy my Speed Reading Video Program and practice.

To motivate you, I’ll tell you a TRUE STORY…

One night, when I was studying for my Ph.D., I read from 7 to 10 PM,
a total of 3 hours. At the time, I was reading 1,800 words a minute.

The average person reads 300 words per minute. That means I was 6
times FASTER than my classmates.

It also means that they had to spend 18 hours, that’s all day
Saturday and all day Sunday reading exactly what I read on Friday

Which do YOU think is easier?

But here’s the real kicker – SPEED READING means you have to FOCUS
and CONCENTRATE which means you understand, comprehend and REMEMBER

That meant that the time I needed to study/review was also a fraction
of the time my classmates needed.

That meant I was able to complete my Ph.D. Coursework as a part-time
student with a FULL TIME COURSE load in less than 18 months.

Several years later, I was able to complete a post-graduate Law
Degree in 8 months without any of my co-workers knowing I had a
FULL TIME COURSE LOAD even though I was registered as a part-time

I graduated with Distinction or High Distinctions in all my courses.

The #1 reason is that I can speed read.

Now that you’re motivated, go and buy my Speed Reading Video Program – it’s only $47 and guaranteed to DOUBLE your reading speed within one hour.

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault


Speed reading is one of the easiest and quickest skills to learn – and the most explosively powerful for your academic career.

Don’t hesitate – you could be speed reading within the next hour and I promise you once you do, you’ll never look back.