Lawyer Helps Brother

The following is a testimonial that speaks volumes about what someone can accomplish with the right mindset and positive intent.

Dear Dr. Dussault,

I purchased your get better grades and speed reading materials in an effort to encourage my youngest brother to do better at college. To ensure that he studied these materials I set aside time in my schedule to meet as we went through your book and the videos. Going into your materials with the expectation that I would not be surprised with what I was hearing I must say that I am totally impressed with how you have organized and presented your themes.

I have experienced a significant benefit in doing your courses with my legal practice. I’ve started mind mapping research on my cases (I spend most of my time in court presenting personal injury cases). Your presentation style, energy and positive attitude is exceptional.

As a lawyer in B.C. Canada and someone who has had an interest in accelerated learning and positive thinking for many years, your study materials are some of the most concise and useful I have seen. Thank you!

It would be a real pleasure to speak with you further about how to bring your materials and personality to Vancouver. My brother is really encouraged and has used the techniques you share with immediate improvement. Professionally and as a complete surprise, I have benefited from your materials in ways I have not found with any other resources. I believe that my colleagues would benefit from your materials and presentations. Please let me know if we can discuss how to facilitate this further.

Tom Spraggs.

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