Thinking Outside the Box: Improving Your Skillset Beyond Your Job

With more experience and training, we continuously develop our respective crafts and climb up the career ladder. It’s a competitive landscape out there, and being able to succeed takes developing skills and improving upon them. There are several engaging ways to go about this self-improvement that can help you along your way, even outside the confines of your workspace.

  • Playing music to improve focus and productivity

Musical training legitimately changes up your brain structure, so if you’ve ever thought about taking up piano lessons, there’s a lot more it can provide than a great hobby or an interesting thing to do at dinner parties. Among the many cognitiveeffectsit has, some of the most useful include improving the way your mind can focus and remain mentally alert. That does wonder for your efficiency and level of productivity for any endeavor.

  • Learning a new language to improve networking

Learning a language can open you up to new cultures and a deeper understanding of communication. It is an excellent pathway to developing your ability to empathize and connect with others through verbalization and can pave the way for forming new relationships with others through common threads. As you expand your knowledge and vocabulary, not only do you have a new impressive trait for your resume, but you also will likely feel more confident building up a rapport with others.

  • Playing video games to enhance coordination and reaction

Studies have shown a link between playing video games to the increase of hand-eye coordination and an improvement in reaction time. These results have even paved the way for games as a means to train doctors and surgeons, as those same studies revealed that those in the medical field that played games made 37% fewer mistakes in suturing and laparoscopic techniques. Playing some relevant games for a healthy amount of time can help you round out your skills.

  • Diving into the 20-hour method

It has been revealed that anyone can develop a new skill with a basic understanding as long as they dedicate 20 hours into it. It may be hard to blast through this in a single sitting, so you can even cut that up into shorter hours and be able to add something to your toolset for life. In the long run, that’s not a lot of time lost, especially if it can help you accumulate more know-how on various useful skills. If you put even more time into it, you can become more proficient as well.

  • Partaking in speaking challenges

Speaking challenges were designed to make individuals do different speech exercises every day for a select period. That can be a fun way for you to develop your speech abilities and build up more confidence in how you talk. The more goals you hit, the more you can form muscle memory that allows you to speak clearly and confidently, whether it’s a one-on-one or public speaking engagement.

Try out some of these activities yourself, and see how you improve yourself in diverse ways that benefit your work.

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