Monthly Archive for January, 2011

ADHD Students

I am not into labels – I think they are a self-fulfilling prophecy. I know too many people who claim to be the World’s Worst (Best?) Procrastinator and buy ‘owning’ that label, they are reinforcing the very behaviour they actually want to avoid. With ADHD it’s often the same thing, but that is a discussion […]

Why most students struggle in school

Simply stated, most students struggle in school because they don’t know how they learn, In Chapter 1 of my worldwide bestselling study book, I explain step-by-step how you can determine what learning style you have so you can stop wasting countless hours staring at your books, frustrated because nothing’s making sense and you can’t remember […]

The Top 5 Best Study Tips

A lot of people have asked me what the top 5 best study tips are, here they are, in order. Learning your cognitive learning style (Chapter 1 of my study book) Speed Reading (click on the hyperlink for my speed reading course) MindMapping (click on the hyperlink to access my new program with visual artist […]

Being smart can make you stupid

A parent recently bought my study book for her 15 year old son. Despite his high IQ 120 (which actually could be as high as 143) he struggles with being “ADD non hyperactive”. She explains that it rears its head in the typical way, lack of focus, organisation, etc. His weakest areas are working memory, […]

PreMed Student Work-School Balance Tip

Pre Med Student Tance asks some great questions about how to get better grades while holding down a job. Hello Dr. Dussault, As a matter a fact I have read your book twice already. It is truly insightful and I am truly glad I purchased it. The only dilemma I have and I hope you […]