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ANNOUNCING: How To MindMap To Get Better Grades Video Program

If you’ve purchased my bestselling study book Get The Best Grades With The Least Amount of Effort, you know that note taking is vitally important as a student if you want to understand and remember as much as possible when it comes to writing an exam. If you haven’t purchased it, click here to get it now.

MindMapping has been around for decades, but until now, it’s been focused on the concept rather than the “how to do it”. With Master MindMapping artist Paul Telling, this video program teaches you, step-by-step, the art and science of MindMapping To Get Better Grades.

The first step in the process is understand WHY MindMapping is so effective as a study technique for students who want to remember more when it comes to writing exams.

  • We are all visually stimulated, to varying degrees – when we embellish and enhance visual cues from our class notes, we are able to remember more for longer periods.
  • The act of writing has been proven to significant improve memory and fact retention – MindMapping further enhances the visual cortex’s ability to recall otherwise forgettable facts, almost giving you a photographic memory.
  • By drawing elements, even if not very well at first, your creative right brain gets involved in a largely right brain (logical) activity thus increasing the resources focused on creating the original memory for future recall. You must be aware that you cannot recall something you never memorised in the first place. That means PUTTING IT IN YOUR MEMORY is what MindMapping is all about!
  • By creating MindMaps, you integrate, consolidate and bring together multiple components that makes note taking much more efficient for last minute review and memorisation. In addition, the visual links and other visual representations will enhance your comprehension and understand of the facts and figures you’ve noted.

This video program is filmed using time-lapse photography compressing the time it takes to view as well as accelerating your skill acquisition. You can rewind and replay as often as you wish and need, but the first time you take the video program course, you’ll recognise that the FAST PACE doesn’t waste any valuable time. This is important because this program is all about leveraging your time and talent to get you the best grades as fast as possible.

MindMapping is a must for students who are time starved and need to get as much done in the shortest time possible.

How To MindMap To Get Better Grades teaches you how to start drawing right away within the first 5 minutes so that you don’t get self-conscious about how your first MindMaps look. Within 1 hour, you’ll be amazed at how creative you really are AND how effective MindMapping is as a note taking strategy.

Included in this unique program are 10 video modules accompanied by the Full Colour MindMaps used in the filming of the course, PowerPoint Slides and PDF files of the process. So you have all the components you need to practice and review until you too become a Master MindMapper that gets top grades!

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The modules are:

1.    What Is Note Taking?

You need to fully understand this concept to leverage this massively powerful study technique. There are many nuances involved. Even if you think you know what note taking is, you need to open your mind to the reality that when you tap into your creative capabilities, you will expand your awareness levels and your grades will improve as a result. The best part is, once acquired, these note taking techniques are quicker, easier and more effective than traditional note taking. Once you start MindMapping, you’ll never go back to traditional note taking anymore than you would use a typewriter or pen to write a term paper.

2.    What is MindMapping?

Note taking is a critical concept that must be well understood before the fundamentals of MindMapping can be discussed. MindMapping is a unique visual style of note taking that has specific guidelines that enable you to unleash your creative genius to substantially grow your capacity to understand and retain information beyond your current limits. You’ll instantly start to feel smarter because instead of things falling out of your memory, they will remain in it for much longer so you can start to make associations that otherwise were impossible to make. You can’t connect two concepts and ideas together if you forgot the first one by the time the second one came around…

3.    MindMapping Layout Space and Flow.

Laying out your MindMap is one of the first obstacles people have – wanting to make it look ‘perfect’ before they even start. This module gives you rules of thumb to follow so you can get the hang of it quickly and easily. You’ll find your own style and flow patterns because MindMapping, like any artistic and creative endeavour is personal and individual – there is no right or wrong way. What’s important is for you to establish the style that works for you. What helps you get better grades in school.

4.    MindMapping And Writing Neatly.

Now don’t misunderstand this to refer to penmanship. This module teaches you the fundamental principles of writing text so that it’s not just legible, but MEMORABLE for future recall when it’s important. Within 10 minutes, you’ll be creating crystal clear characters that you’ll be able to remember weeks, months even years from now!

5.    MindMapping Frames.

Information is useless unless it’s put into a context, which visually is called a frame – just like a picture or painting. Using frames helps you put thing into a context, giving your situational awareness and comprehension that otherwise might prevent you from understanding the elements role or interaction with other components. Often, the frames, symbols and other elements that link the topics together become obvious or self-evident after-the-fact, which is important to realise when you start drawing MindMaps – they are usually an on-going work-in-progress as your exposure to the subject matter increases and improves, you can update and refine the relationships, interactions and linkages – sometimes re-drawing the MindMap to reveal intricate and subtle nuances previously invisible and/or misunderstood

6.    MindMapping Requires Block Lettering.

Using large headings to highlight and emphasise key words and memory triggers is important when MindMapping to get better grades. Without block lettering, you risk reproducing bland, boring and mundane notes. This module will have you writing text like a professional sign writer in no time! I promise you once you get adept at writing this way, you’ll never go back to boring ‘regular’ text!

7.    MindMapping And Using Colour.

Well, you know by now that the visual cortex is triggered by stimuli that stands out. What better way to do that than with full vibrant colours? Self-evident for sure, but the specific use of different colours is still an artistic endeavour that has principles that you should be aware of – they are all covered in this module in full vivid colour! (I couldn’t resist!)

8.    MindMap Graphical Elements.

This 1-hour bonus session will help you well beyond MindMapping. This detailed step-by-step, stroke-by-stroke demonstration may turn you into the artist you always wished you were. Paul Telling takes you through the basics of drawing human figures and other popular graphical elements so that you can embellish your MindMaps with full frontal graphics. These elements include people and faces, telescopes, magnifying glasses, trees, tools, targets, the sun, arrows and banners. This is the most fun you’ll have turning your boring notes into mini MindMapping Masterpieces!

9.    MindMapping Tips And Tricks.

Drawing, like any craft has neat little tips and tricks that make the seemingly difficult easy. The trick if you’ll excuse the pun is to know the master’s secrets. Paul Telling is a professional artist who over the years has developed countless tips and tricks he uses every day. I convinced him to share the ones that would help you take notes faster and more easily based on the assumption that you are not an experienced artist and need to get the best result with the least amount of effort. You won’t be disappointed when he reveals them to you. I have to warn you – they are disarmingly quick to implement and deceptively easy to understand.

10. How To Draw A MindMap.

This last module brings all the components of the course together for you – by now you’ve got a great sense of all the pieces, but it’s important to know what the final puzzle looks like. This overview will show you how it’s done so you have something to aim for – a goal. Of course the ultimate reward is that by mastering MindMapping, you will start to get better grades – almost instantly.

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What’s included in
How To MindMap To Get Better Grades
Video Program:

  • Two full hours of video segmented into modules of 5 to 10 minutes with one 1-hour bonus session on graphic elements.
  • Full colour Mindmap illustrations of the course content in PDF and PowerPoint Slide Format so you can access the curriculum in the most convenient format for you.
  • Additional bonus components to be added based on participant feedback to ensure you get the best grades with the least amount of effort.

This video program is illustrated and narrated by professional artist Paul Telling as a value-add program to my worldwide bestselling book “Get The Best Grades With The Least Amount Of Effort”.

Thousands of students from more than 30 countries now access these powerful strategies in 4 languages including English, French, Romanian and Chinese. This MindMapping video program takes the strategies to a new level of creativity for all students from high school to university and post graduate research.

The irony of this revolutionary skill is that it was popularised with business executives in the boardrooms of corporations – far away from the classroom where it could have the greatest impact.

That is why Paul and I are so proud to bring this directly to students so they can get the best grades with a lot less effort so they can get into the best schools and programs and eventually venture out into the business world and land the top jobs.

Success is within everyone’s reach – the only difference between a truly successful person and one that is not are the strategies he/she uses (or fails to use). Paul and I have made the investment to design the perfect video program to bring MindMapping to you.

I hope you will make the investment in yourself to acquire the skill of MindMapping – it is one of the most effective and time efficient ways to learn tons of information, capture it and be able to recall it later when it counts – on the final exam.

CLICK HERE To Purchase The How To MindMap To Get Better Grades Video Program

As you can see from my profile, I have achieved some very impressive results in my academic, professional and athletic career. I’d wish I could say that it’s because I’m gifted and better than the average person, but that would be a lie.

The ONLY reason I have achieved so much in so little time (often concurrently) is because I have sought out the VERY BEST ROLE MODELS to learn their strategies, techniques, tips and tricks.

Paul Telling is by far the most gifted MindMapping artist I have come across. His ability to capture the essence of a presentation, lecture or workshop are second-to-none. That is why he creates MindMaps of ALL my corporate programs – some which cost participants as much as $10,000.

The reason is simple. My clients expect and demand the best and I guarantee results. I can’t do that unless I leverage all the very best strategies available.

Paul Telling’s MindMapping Secrets are now captured on video in a fully contained program that anyone can take in about 2 hours.

Only 2 Hours to learn a skill that will last a lifetime.

Only 2 Hours to be able to create MindMaps that will enable you to understand and comprehend concepts and ideas that were previously out of your reach.

Only 2 Hours to improve your memory recall that in some cases you will never forget – even decades later.

Only 2 Hours to become a super learner that enables you to acquire skills, aptitudes and abilities that make you appear smarter, more intelligent and more informed in the eyes of your fellow classmates teachers and professors, work colleagues and prospective employers, your prospects and clients in business and even that special someone you’ve had your eye on.

Only 2 Hours to tap into the most potent part of your brain and mind power- the right hemisphere’s creative genius that can out-perform the left brain’s logical and analytical capabilities because it resides on the side that believes in boundless opportunity thinking!

Only 2 Hours to have fun unleashing the creative genius that you know is there, waiting to get out and express itself. The genius that can help you get better grades and/or perform better at work.

Only 2 Hours to learn how to draw so that you can put your currently nebulous ideas into a non-textual framework because often words can’t capture the essence of what your mind is thinking and heart is feeling.

Only 2 Hours, that’s all it is. But so many people won’t make that small investment and therefore will lose out on a lifetime of benefits and advantages. For example, I was accepted into a pure and applied science program in college that subsequently led Engineering School. Many of my classmates wanted to do the same, but because their grades weren’t high enough, they weren’t accepted and their destiny and lives forever changed. To be blunt, we’re talking less than a 5% difference in grades can make all the difference. MindMapping can give you a lot more than that, all other things being equal.

Only 2 Hours seems like a long time, but when all is said and done, it’s the time it takes to watch a feature film.

Only 2 Hours. Book it into your schedule, but remember you can do the course in modules, in 10-minute segments. It’s been designed and created to fit into any student’s schedule.

CLICK HERE To Purchase The How To MindMap To Get Better Grades Video Program

Want to get to know the artistic contributor to this accelerated learning program – Paul Telling – here he is explaining everything that’s included in How To MindMap To Get Better Grades: