The following is just a partial list of testimonials and comments received from students who purchased my products that help students get better grades with accelerated learning and speed reading techniques. The person’s name has been removed since these are private communications not originally intended for publication.

I include them here so you can see first-hand how other students like you are benefiting from developing good study habits. In many cases, it’s a life-changing event, which is why I created these products and programs.

You’ll notice that many of the comments are from non-native English speakers which proves that habits are universal. Even though my study book has been translated into 4 languages, English, French, Romanian and Chinese, students from more than 30 countries have benefited.

Take a few minutes now to explore what can happen to your grades. As you read, you’ll hear the possibilities resonate in your mind and you’ll feel the sense of enlightenment that’s created when the burden of schoolwork is finally lifted from your shoulders and learning becomes enjoyable – mainly BECAUSE you start to succeed and get the rewards!


Get The Best Grades With The Least Amount of Effort is a phenomenal program that contains distinctions that are easy to implement and yet produce powerful results.

The program has encouraged me to become more dedicated and committed to achieving my study and career goals. It has taught me that, in order to succeed,
I need to be willing to do things many are not willing to do.

It has been an instrumental resource that has helped me pivot from a creative (artistic design) to a completely different data analytics career. To get this done, I’ve had to undertake several technical several certifications to prepare me for the Business Analytics Graduate Certificate/ Masters course I’ve just started. I’m doing all this while working and managing the other spheres of my life.

This program has helped me pinpoint the 20% items will get me 80% of my results, both for my schoolwork as well as my job. One of the key insights I uncovered are ho I can best manage my performance ‘waves’ throughout my day and week so I can make the highest and best use of the limited time I have to focus on studying.

Another breakthrough has been to study to achieve an objective instead of studying to fill the time I have available. This has helped me plan and create a study schedule with timeboxes that allow me to spend more time on the more complicated subjects I struggle with, with a lot less stress and anxiety. An indirect benefit is that I don’t fall behind on the rest of my subjects.

This how to study program has trained me to switch my mindset and physical state into different modes, so I can increase my concentration of focus, accelerate my learning and get the right outcome out of each different task; reading, reviewing class content, note-taking, active learning in class and working on assignments. I used to get overwhelmed and stressed because I didn’t how and when to do these various tasks.

This program has equipped me with practical study techniques that are aligned to my primary learning style. I now have a systemised way to take notes, create visualisations, highlight my notes, summarise modules, identify what will be on exams and memorise content.

If that wasn’t enough, I’m now more relaxed about tests and exams with the key distinctions I now apply to prepare better for as well as take exams with a lot less anxiety.

The beautifully illustrated and easy-to-understand bonus mindmaps supplement my own summary notes and are a quick reference I use to keep myself on track whenever I need to remind myself of what I should be doing.

Get The Best Grades With The Least Amount of Effort is an invaluable resource for any student. I wish I had this program when I was in high school and when I was doing my undergraduate course. I look forward to continuing to apply and refine the strategies I have learned as I work through my postgraduate course and move into the next exciting phase of my career.

Get The Best Grades With The Least Amount of Effort is a 10/10! Thank you
for your outstanding contribution to help me (and so many other students) achieve what I never thought was possible!

(Sydney, Australia)


who purchased our Study Book, Speed Reading
and Accelerated Learning Programs when asked:

” How has our study book, speed reading and/or
accelerated learning programs helped you with
your studies so far? ”

  • Studying is more fun now
  • Mind mapping helped me organize my thoughts
  • Helped me with my planning to study around work commitments
  • Giving me a planned approach to what I need to do
  • I am doing very well – thank you!
  • The programs have helped me a lot to prepare better modules in my volunteer work
  • It has helped me structure my time better
  • Excellent for me since I am returning to studying. It helps me choose my outcomes before I start and gives me momentum to take on bigger challenges. I was never a good reader, now my mind does not wander and if I have a lot of reading to do it is not daunting. I now do it with ease and highly recommend speed reading to everyone. Accelerated learning is bringing my memory back to what it used to be.
  • The idea of mindmapping course notes is great! I now get consistent results.
  • This has helped me to focus on my studies
  • I have much improved, thx.
  • It has given me great ideas and a good start, but it has been difficult for me to keep on the same track, but I know this works so it’s worth doing.
  • Very helpful in many different ways – even I was surprised it could be this easy. You can teach an old dog (like me) new tricks!
  • It is vitally important for me to realize what works and what doesn’t work. Now I know the real source of my studying problems. Thanks!
  • Before reading your study book and taking your speed reading program, my problem was that my high school did not prepare me for engineering school. High school was easy for me and didn’t take much effort for me to excel. My problem was that when I got to engineering school, I could not learn the material fast enough or well enough to do well. My school, uses a quarter system and we take at least 3 classes a term for seven weeks. Essentially, it is the same as a semester system, just crammed into 7 weeks. Getting sick or falling behind is a death sentence when it comes to grades and success. Exams would take me an hour and a half or two hours, instead of the required one. The speed reading program and your study book helped me learn the material faster, more efficiently and I retained most if not all of that knowledge for my exams. Without your program, I would not be in engineering school today. Even though I am not pulling off A’s every time (yet!), I can now compete with the best in my class and am actually learning and excelling!
  • Helps with studying skills and to learn to not wait until the last minute to get an assignment or studying done. I am very good at putting things off that I don’t like to do and my Mom always gets on my case. I’m getting a lot better and it kinda feels good too!
  • Your program has helped me focus on the material I read (rather than let my mind wander). It has also helped increase the speed at which I read. I love your programs.
  • Yes. It has helped me to organize myself even though it hasn’t become a habit yet. I am also trying to learn to speed read, since I have so much to cover in limited time.
  • Has helped a little bit for now, just starting to use the tools provided. Thanks for asking.
  • Speed reading has helped get through many pages of reading in a shorter amount of time.
  • This has given me a road map to become more efficient with my studies.
  • I have applied several tips of “Get the best grades with the least amount of effort” ebook successfully.
  • Your speed reading lessons have changed my life! Thank you!
  • I have been trying to use several programs to help my daughter stay ahead. Now she is in the gifted and talented program at school so your programs do work!
  • I got more organized. And I still want more help!!!!
  • Haven’t done the speed reading course, but have derived some benefits from your study book.
  • I found using the methods of study very useful.
  • Just got it not sure yet, but sure is a different look on studying, I’m excited about what’s ahead.
  • Your study book got me making to do lists and made me more aware of the importance of planning each day.
  • Your speed reading program has really helped my daughter (who has dyslexia) with her reading.
  • I can now do more in less time.
  • It has helped a lot.
  • I haven’t read it 🙁
  • It has helped a little but school can be difficult when learning with younger students who are faster at learning and many times noisy and loud in class.
  • Hope to use it to help my kids study better when they are a bit older.
  • It was inspiring. I am still developing my skills.
  • The book has helped me break down study material into key concepts and chunk information more effectively.
  • It has been useful, a breath of fresh air. It almost makes studying fun… 😉
  • The speed reading has helped me to gain a lot more focus on what I am doing.
  • I have increased my level of interest and my memory power with the help of your study book.
  • It gave me some tips about skimming, organizational planning. It helps reduce stress with so much to do with work, school and family.
  • Great, practical ideas that are easy to apply.
  • It has helped by teaching me a better way to study. To have a time and place to do it and establish a routine. To be honest it’s not easy. I’m a parent and I also work as a corporate lawyer.
  • It has made me realize that studying can be so fun & interesting.
  • A little bit. I’m a pharmacy student, who should take in insane amounts of info in a little time. Mindmapping doesn’t really work for me, but it’s a cool idea. My major need is more memorizing than understanding!
  • Haven’t applied much yet, but am hopeful since it’s another way of looking at it.
  • Mindmaps helped me a lot.
  • It has given me great tips on how to succeed in school.
  • The programs have helped me retain information better, read faster and have given me more confidence when writing exams.
  • I did your speed reading program. Prior to the course I did not read much because it was near impossible for me to take in the information I was reading. I would read the same page over again and still not remember what I had just read. This has been a problem since primary school and I’m now 38. Since I started your speed reading program my ability to take in the information I am reading has been amazing. It’s like I’ve flipped on a switch in my brain. I’ve read more in the last year than I have in my entire life, and remembered it! I would put my reading speed at around 400wpm… not really speed reading, but a massive improvement on where I was. Each time I read I seem to get a little better at it. I only wish I had done this back in high school. Thank you. 🙂
  • Well improved learning skills as well as time management principles that just make sense.
  • Time Management, especially the 80/20 rule in particular allows me to schedule my study plan better and know what will be on exams. Learning new tips and tricks to understand concepts better and also how to remain in a good state in order to excel.
  • I’m currently on a long holiday before my school starts hence I don’t really have true definite results of whether the programs have helped me in my studies. However, I’ve tried to apply the skills taught and it might have helped me in some ways. I’m still getting used to the speed reading technique. Confusing at times, but it does allow me to read articles at a faster rate.
  • Tremendously, the first time I purchased the book, I was struggling in Biology. I was able to bring my grade up from a low C to a B. If I would have had the book at the beginning of the course, I am sure I would have received an A.
  • I have to practice it, just getting into it.
  • Increased my time management and better focus on important topics.




Get Better Grades Testimonial



Get Better Grades Testimonial - Patel


Hello Marc,

My father is called S______ , I am his daughter, H___. I purchased your book under his name. I was so excited to get your book that I couldn’t pay unless by his card. So I went for it and I got it. I am very impressed at how much u can do with so little change.

I am a medical student. I recently did an exam in one of the hardest courses and managed to get a B+ the best grade till now !!! I know u told us to continue studying how we usually study if we have an exam coming up and that we don’t want to use a new method straight away – but what I did was use your advice about leaving difficult memorisation topics last right before exam – that really helped me !!!!!

Also I used the technique to go over my notes and highlight what I don’t know and what I know will come in exam!! I also went to my teacher 2 days before the exam by myself to ask what’s important – I got more responses than I would have if I asked weeks earlier !!

Thank you so much I am looking forward to applying more new strategies!!!!

Thanx so much,



Hello Dr Marc,

I have only worked through “Get The Best Grades With The Least
Amount Of Effort” once since purchase because I decided to
focus on the Speed Learning material.

I set my mind on reading faster and on becoming a speed reader.

I have been making significant progress and the hand, eye and
brain synchronization has started falling into place.
I fluctuate between 700 and 900 words a minute depending on
the material I read. The words are starting to
“come off the page” for me and that is exciting.

I am reading with understanding and I am able to underline
key phrases that I read. I am also able to recall information
a day or 2 after I have read an article.

The key for me has been trusting the system and reading
continuously by faith. The fold in some books are obstructing
sometimes, so I will switch between the 1 finger and 3 finger
method in one sitting.

What really caught my attention on one of the videos was
your comment that “the brain catches up”. This inspired me
to just carry on reading and not worry too much about
comprehension to start with.

I am enjoying reading faster and I have already finished
reading a few books.

Thanks for explaining the method in a manner that is easy
to follow.

Kind Regards


This is a really good book, it is short and straight to
the point on what matters when you study. It is not
complicated and it is written in a language even a 12
year old can understand. I knew most of the studying
techniques the author talks about, but I knew them
unconsciously since I do some of the techniques already.

But what really impressed me is how real and simple these
techniques were, it doesn’t preach you must be a whiz kid
to learn them. All it takes is time and dedication.

All in all, great book and one all students must have.



Hello sir,
I really think I will get maximum benefit from this.

That’s my hope. I wanna do this fast because I don’t have time.

I am glad that at least you are responding to my genuine request.

Thank you very much. I don’t have anything else to write except
that I need confidence to believe that I will follow these simple
but boostful steps to become SMARTER rather than a NERD.

Thank you again.
Deblina K.


Dr D. where have you been all my life?  I used to be a high
achiever.  Without blowing my own whistle, I mean the kind who
believed he could beat the whole school.  I did it, both primary
and high school.  Power of positive thinking at best.  University
was different, things then assumed a downward turn; I did not fail
though, neither did I ace my degree.  When I look back, I applied
most of your techniques; although back then I could not explain why
they worked.  People and I used to think I am just a smart kid
which is an understatement because a single word ‘smart’ does not
account for all other intelligences except perhaps
logical/mathematical intelligence. Also I could not explain my
learning style which now I know is predominantly visual.  Fact is,
before I read your book, I wrote on its cover “The old intelligent
Moses re-claimed”.  After finishing it in 2 hours, a quote came
into my mind and it says “If you look for a companion, find one
that will influence your future for the better.  I found mine”.  I
am going to follow your lead. You will hear about it.

God bless you for this New Year and the rest of your life. Sorry
for my religious convictions but all I know is God blessed you with
the wisdom to recognise that education is a mutual, shared
responsibility aimed at harvesting the rich resources of the human
mind. Words could not attempt to convey my gratitude.


Hi there.  I am from South Africa.  Thanx so much for all your
input.  I purchased Get better grades and am enjoying it a lot.  I
purchased this just the other day and then purchased your speed
reading videos – which I am currently going through with my kids.

They are loving it – especially the finger – vroom vroom!  They are
in Gr 1, 2, 4.

Thanx again

It has been a few week since I download the programme.  I have seen
a major change in my progress.  I was disappointed as English not
my first language, because of that I have to make more effort to
gain a high grade.  All the previous students warn me to not be
optimistic because the Uni will not reward you as a native student.
The first assignment I got a credit then I soon realized that I
have become an HD student.  The lecturers are surprised as the
quality of my research is high.  I hope at the end of the year I’ll
be selected to study medicine.  I hope the dream become true.  Now
I’m practicing to speed my reading; it is worth doing as the Uni
subject getting harder within the years.  Thanks for sharing with
the students these advice, it really make a difference.  You really
make the life easy.  I highly recommend.

Thanks for your mails from your mails I can score very well in
exam….your mails are such a guidance for me.  Thank you so much;
hope you will also help me in future………

Take care and remember me in your prayers.

Respected Sir, its an honour to get all such brilliant tips from
you.  They are very helpful for me and by this I have improved a
lot.  Sir I am extremely sorry for the delay for your mails but I
can’t effort this book because my parents are strictly not
permitting for this to buy.  I am very sorry but I am very much
interested for this book.

Sir I am having a question please.

Q. Sir in my classes when teachers are teaching I am giving my full
concentration on them but after sometime when they asks me the same
what they have taught I am totally blanked and not able to give any
answers, in fact not in my own words also and I am insulted all in
front of my classmates.  Sir please its a kindly request to you for
the help.

Thanking You

Thank you Dr Marc.  Sir, I have been reading your emails regularly
and improved a lot in this area.  But now I’m preparing for the GRE
if you could help me in this regard.  Looking for your kind

Thanks a lot for all the e-mails you’ve helped me a lot through
my life!

Hello, yes I am heading for my week of examination.  Can you please
give me some tips of preparation for my final exams.

Your response to this request would be highly appreciated.

and regards.

I finally got an A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good day Dr Mac.  I quite appreciate the article you sent to me, it
has saved me lots of stress in studying.  Once again, I say thank

I am that mother of the now 16 yr old. He switched to honors math
to be more challenged and not bored. The class would move faster.
He tested 99 percentile IQ in math, but is getting a “D” in
Algelbra II. He says he has no problem on multiple choice answers
but when she wants the problem written out she is brutal on grammar
and details. My son says it is like explaining how you tie a shoe
every time he answers a question. He knows the answer, shows the
math work but gets points off on the written explanation and has
trouble finishing the test.

Teachers sure know how to kill a kids desire to learn. He now no
longer wants to go further in math to pre-calculus. Another child’s
potential squashed! No wonder Edison and others like him failed in
school. Have schools learned nothing about how these curious
inventors learn best. Math used to be his best class.
He is doing better in English and History because of Marc’s study
book, which he did not want to read. So I use the info as teachable
moments when we talk about an issue.

The biggest motivator for him has been the verbal and written
comments of praise and recognition of his talent and ideas by the
teacher. I asked his teachers to respond to even the smallest
positive things in the beginning and then raise the bar. He began
to feel safe to open up and participate in class and write with
more expression, analysis and perception in English, his previously
worst subject. Piaget had progressive behavior modification nailed!
He feeds off of it and wants more of this reward for his work. He
works harder to please the teacher and recently stepped in to tell
an unruly classmate to knock it off! He used to be that unruly

There is hope for my child as he begins to emerge at of the pit of
hopelessness he felt. On our end as parents, we began therapy to
strategize how to light the fire of reality of failure vs.
achievement within him.

I posted a comment last month about that. AND we read Marc’s book
and ALL his blogs.
Marc, Thank you for this post, your book, your
outlook on life, success, hard work and balance that you share in
your books and blog. It has been extremely helpful to us.


Hey, thank you so much for your tipz and I wish with all your tips
I will be better in my studies, thank you so much!!……….

I am writing my exams soon in few days and I also have a project to
do.  How can you help me?

Sir I’m taking your special e-course online and paying careful
attention to all your tips and tricks.  So Dr I was guessing would
it cost me any cash to download your book online?  This is just a
genuine question, so whenever you read this email please reply.
I’ll be waiting, I hope you will reply to my silly email, thank you.

Hi doctor, I think you are giving the best tips to us who have one
problem or the other while studying but my problem now is that I am
too forgetful and also not time conscious.

Dear Dr. Dussault,

I really need your help; I am going to start studying for the MCAT
and I need a
good, reasonable study schedule to stick with, if I
plan a schedule for myself I wont stick to it, I need someone else
to do that for me.  I was just wondering if you can do that for me.

Thanks for your help.

Ok that was a well taught lesson and I really found your statements
to be true.  So I hope to get better grades ok.

Thank you Dr. Marc Dussault for your wonderful expressions you had
for me.  I have learn much from you and I can’t believe it.  I wish
to get this messages from you always. Thank you very much for your

Hi sir..!
I read your tips. That was good idea to remember and catch the key
point before enter into the exam hall. Ya ..! I am going to
implement today.  I will tell you the result tomorrow because I
have an exam tomorrow.

Thank you soooooooooooo  much….

Dear Dr Marc,

How are you to day?  I’m enjoy your  programs and your way its very
excellent.  I print out all of your email to read correctly and get
some new word already.  I start to follow your way, I start to high
light the word your way.  Its very powerfull, already I change my

Thanx many for your help dear sir.

Hi Dear Teacher,

How are you today?  Sorry I reply to your mail very late, I was
busy.  I will surprise you, I speak phillipino very well.

Already I start more attention to your programs and more speaking
and more lessons and more reading.  I learn my english naturally

and I speak natively.  Your program give to me more power and
more confidance to speak dear sir.  I enjoying from all of your
emails, already I repetitive all of your emails.

I never use any grammar in my life or any text book, I
like to have more lessons and more speaking.

Many thanx dear teacher.

Thank you sir, I need this sort of study because I have many
difficulties especially in grammar, conversation, written

Hi Dear Dr. Marc,

Tonight I feeling very good I learn more new word and more English
from your emailing.  I read all of your programs, its very
excellent, its newest way for learning frequently.  Your repetitive
mail and your programs is very regular basis and very easy to
obtain.  Dr Marc during my speaking I never embarrassed, I speak
normaly.  Thanx many for your attention to me.

Best regard.

Hello dear Dr Marc Dussault,

I have received your message, and I really want to acknowledge you
for your concern.

Thanks for your mail.  Can I get tips and all from today please.
Thanking you in anticipation.

Ummm thanx, I wanted to tell you that I am very bad in studies and
I am in grade 6 and I have to pass this exam which is called qca to
go to high school and in qca there is only maths and English and I
am very bad in these subjects.  I really want to work hard this
time to make use of my school fees, I really need to practice!!
Hope you will help……..thank yoouuu…….

Hi sir,

I am from Pakistan, I just study, what you have said in your page
so I hope you are doing very good for those who can’t learn or some
think.  Thanks for such a good course.

Dr, I would once again like to thank you for your continuous
kindness and support.  We will continue the same way!

Thank you for your continuous effort to help me understand more.

Sir I respect your effort towards making a student better, its
good, but sir you always refer your book, it is like a ad which is
not good.  Sir I need your practical advice and support, and I hope
you will not disappoint me.  Thanks, with best wishes.

Hi, thank you so much and I will keep waiting for the tips.  I was
just wondering if you could help me plan my time like a timetable.
I am looking forward to passing.

Hello!  Thank you for  helping me, I really want to pass and
everybody is counting on me to pass in
my national exam.  I will have access to my email before I go to
school.  Thank you and I am looking
forward to studying smarter!

Hi Sir,

I’ll surely try to help you.  This course has been very helpful.
It would be of great help if you could send some of your valuable
tips.  I would also like you to keep in touch with me.  If you can
do it in a easy manner.

Thanks a lot.

Good Day Mr. Dussault,

I’m sooo glad you sent this email.  I failed my last test because
of procrastination, thanks for the reminder.

I’m interested with your good advice & I’m ready to follow your

Thanks a lot for you, really it help me more than I thought.  Do
not forget me from your comment and advise.

Thank you very much……please give me tips to score good marks;
my exam are just in 14 days. Take care.

I want the details about how to prepare for competitive exams.
Please do guide me.

Thank you so much for all of these good stuff.

Thank you very much for all the tips that you have given to me.  I
really enjoy my study now!!!
It is awesome and fun. 🙂


Thanks you very much for all your valuable and interesting tips.
These tips will surely help me as I will sit for an exam in June
this year.

Thank you once again.

Thanks Doc, I hope that definitely your books and your assistance
is of great help to me.

Kind regards.

Sir, your notes have been fantastic.  Can you send me a little bit
more, please.
Thanks a lot

Hello Marc

I have been reading your e book and have only once listen to your
speed reading video.  The extra emails are great as it keeps me on
track otherwise I could wonder a bit.  I am working on a better
format for my notes with more drawings/mind maps as this is a
better form of learning for me than audio tapes (now that I know

Exams start end of the month so the next stage is to compile the
notes into A3 mind maps layouts, any extra tips on this technique
would be good and then the exams.  I am now in a study room not the
office which had too many distractions and getting into the mind

I don’t cold read my study guide and text any more so I pre read
first to get a general understanding then highlight and compose the
notes and now I comprehend more.

The assignment grades have increased from about 60-80% to the last
one 88% and this was the highest grade.

My studies are extramural so no lecturers only Webct and study
guide/text books.  I am practicing the speed reading and using on
my first read but need to work on this more.

When you speed read a page when do you high light the text?  I read
the paragraph then go back and highlight???  So lots more to learn.

Thanking you very much for you help

Hi, am a student at the Cambridge Oxford University in Kenya, I
find this article so pretty and its cool.  Kudos Dr Dussault,
nyce time.

Dr Marc it’s great encouragement you are offering.  BUT one small
thing, you boast you have achieved a lot and that is great if that
is what you wanted, the thing is, you have put in a lot of time,
even in your book you still state more time is better than less.
Did you achieve all these things while exercising, changing
nappies, looking after others?

Sometimes modesty in areas is OK if it balances your life.


Dear Dr. Marc Dussault,

I want to thank you for your help with studying and reading
faster… it is actually something that has really bothered me cuz
I know I’m smart but finding the right study type that fits me has
been main challenge.  Its like you said, something is trying to
bust out of me, that genius in me.

I just left secondary school precisely July after my igcse’s and
you know before that time my teachers were telling that I could do
it cuz they knew what I was capable of but as one teacher likened
me to the Netherlands football team “exellent team (players) but
low performance).

I know I can do it, I can be that GENIUS that I was made to be.

Thanks for your help sir and I hope to know you physically in the
nearest future, I even see myself talking about you and your work,
how it transformed me on tv, you know interviewing me… .

I am in the sciences (aeronautical engineering) like all science,
robotics, rc stuffs.  See you soon.

Onward and Upward YEAH!

Very good Tips.  Thanks a lot!  They made me go from 20s to 90s!

Hi, Dr

All I can say is wow!   I’m studying ACCA (online) but my main
problem was lack of motivation to study and like your ebook said,
what was holding me back was my comfort zone of past success in my
studies.  What bother me most was the fact that my constant though
was to study but in reality I wasn’t studying and the more I think
about it, I end up sleeping without even reading for a minute.  In
a nutshell, your program made me realize that I will never change
my life until I change something I’m doing daily.

Know slowly and surely I’m following through and with to-do list I
know if I follow it I will get results that I want and if not still
there will be results which I don’t want to think about them. That
is to say “Bear in mind that you never plan to fail your exam but
merely fail to plan to pass.”

That’s my best shot.

Hi Dr. Marc Dussault,

I just bump at your website because we are having our thesis, and
our topic is about memory enhancers but when I see your letters I
can say that studying can be easy on our own ways….my problem is
I love reading books and I can read a book of 128 pages within 2
hrs without distraction.  How can I be interested in other subject
that is not related to reading…because I have difficulty in
studying math and memorizing,….

Dearest Dr Marc,

Thanks you so much for your help.  I am a teacher so I will print
this documents for teaching .


I would love to get better grades but at times I wait on the last
minute to do things and some of the subjects are quite challenging.

Hi, Dr. Marc Dussault,

Thank you very much for your number of advice.  I am really
obliged.  But unfortunately I could not find time to look
thoroughly and act upon your precious advice because of my health
problem exactly in the days in which I was planning for attempting
it.  Nevertheless, I do realize that your advice will certainly
help me in my future.

Thanking you and wishing you all the best for your property and
good health.


Sir, I want this book free of cost…because I can’t afford…plz
don’t overlook it…I badly need this book to improve my grades…

May God be on your side, thanx for being you, thanx for your effort
towards making us achieve our aims.  Please I need your text book.

I do study quite okay, but after a day or more, I forget and the
other thing is when I’m studying my eyes start paining and suddenly
I get a very deep headache.  I went to the optician he said my eyes
were okay without any problem.  What could be the problem?

Thank you so much for this piece of information.  I am most

Dear Dr,

I am so sorry as last month I was out of town and just back.  Thank
you so much for your emails so far.  I could not reach my email as
I went to village that close to jungle. Therefore, no internet

I did not learn any other language except English.

Many thanks for the email, that was a lot of inspiration.

Best regards.

First, I used the strategies for identifying exactly what was on my
next math test.  I paid attention to the subtle hints that the
teacher gave about what would be on the test.  I also referred to
past exams and found that some of the extra credit problems were
taken from the book we use in class.  Realizing this I was able to
practice the exact problems that would be on the test and as a
result got the highest grade in class on that test — 113.

Without those two strategies I would not have scored that well.  I
used the same two strategies to get a 115 on my other math test (I
take Honors Trig and Algebra. 2).  I’m exited to try out more
strategies and improve exponentially overtime.  Thank you.

Hello Mr. Dussault!  I recently bought your guide and after reading
it and incorporating only 2 of your strategies I have improved my
grades in Math.  I scored a 115 A++ on my Honors Algebra 2 test and
a 113 A++ on my Honors Pre-calculus test as well.  Thank you for your
excellent guide – it will help me not only now, but in the future
as well.


Assist me on how I can sturdy to understand and not forgetting big
chunk of materials.

All the message you send later I read all of them.  Actually am
student of Hawassa university, Ethiopia.  Thank you for to give

Hi Dr Marc,

I have my post-graduation exams in 1st week of Dec, I’m trying my
best but ends-up with worst grades, I hope you can guide me for my

That makes sense.  Thank you.  But what do you do when you never
learned how to learn in the first place?

How to prepare for exams with multiple choice questions and short
answer questions.

I scored less in the tests, these things make me nervous about
final exam and I always thinking about how others are studying.


I am very much impressed with your strategies.  They are great.
Thanks a lot.

Thank you for the Information.  I’m only in the 6th Grade and I
make A`s and B’s.  I’m also in the Beta Club.  I just want to take
my grades to the max.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your valued e-mails and information.

Thanks.  I am doing a brain storm with it tomorrow with one of my
work colleagues.

Hello Dr. Dussault,

As a matter a fact I have read your book twice already.  It is
truly inciteful and I am truly glad I purchased it.  The only
dilemma that I have and I hope you can help me with this, I am
currently in college, in premed, and I work a full time schedule
and the only shift I can work is midnights. There are many nights I
feel exhausted and sometimes can’t concentrate on my studies.  I
need the job to support me and my wife.  The only good part is my
job gives me quite a bit of money to pay for school.  But do you
have any suggestions as far as how I can study better with this hi
tux schedule?  Thank you so much. Talk to you soon.

Thanks a lot again Dr. Marc.

You have give me a lot of information
and I like them.  I like your advice.

Hi Dr Marc Dussault!

Thanks a lot for sending this precious mail.  I really appreciate
you for your help.  I have got a lot of information from you.
Thanks again. If u have time, I will be very happy to get your next

Hello there, my question is Math, the reason is that I’m 35 years
old and this is my second semester in college and I’m retaking Math
again because of the first semester I fail and I’m about the same
way as this semester now.  My Teacher said that we can make
corrections on the tests and get a better score.  Now I got a month
to go in school.  So my question is, what is the easiest way to
study for a math test or just to understand what the teacher is

Thanks a lot.

I am getting a lot of help in your correspondence.


I really don’t know who you are, but you told me some such lovely
things or keys of success that I must follow and must achieve my
goals or destination.  But it’s really my destination or not?
Aahhh…..how can I express?  It’s absolutely difficult for me to
explain, but I really appreciate you and the way you encouraged me
and you know what…………..????????…. I love this because I
always found these precious guidelines from my dead father (kind,
love, friend, charm and successful destiny of mine) and I want to
follow these lines because it’s still my father’s journey or my
journey.  Thanks & regards.

Hello Marc,

I have been reading your e book and have only once listen to your
speed write video. The extra emails are great as it keeps me on
track otherwise I could wonder a bit.

I am working on a better format for my notes with more
drawings/mind maps as this is a better form of learning
for me than audio tapes (now that I know this).

Exams start end of the month so the next stage is to compile the
notes into A3 mind maps layouts, any extra tips on this technique
would be good and then the exams.

I am now in a study room not the office which had too many
distractions and getting into the mind zone.  I don’t cold read my
study guide and text any more so I pre read first to get a general
understanding then highlight and compose the notes and now I
comprehend more.

The assignment grades have increased from about 60-80% to the last
one 88% and this was the highest grade.

My studies are extramural so no lecturers only Webct and study
guide/text books.  I am practicing the speed reading and using on
my first read but need to work on this more.

When you speed read a page when do you high light the text?  I read
the paragraph then go back and highlight???

So lots more to learn.

Thanking you very much for you help

Thank you for guiding me so far.  I appreciate that.  I would love
to test your strategies, but  unfortunately I have no money to
pay you.


Thank you sir for all your advice about getting better grades.

May GOD bless you.

Hi sir,

I read the letter and I understood that you should start studying
everything before and continue studying as school goes and finish
every thing on time even if it is not urgent or important.

Now as you send me this letter I start understanding every thing
more clear, however I was asking about the strategy, what do you
mean by it?  Is it that you want to tell me that I shall plan a
timetable and follow it, if yes, I have tried it many times but
always failed to follow it.  I don’t understand what to do when I
plan my timetable.

Thank you very much to make me understand and I am going to follow
your strategy, however help me with more ideas.

Hello sir, thanks for your effective guideness to me but my main
problem is concentration.  Please tell me something to increase the
capacity of concentration.

I am very thankful to you sir that your teaching me like your
student.  Thank you sir for your assistance to me.

Hi, Marc,

Thank you.  I am reading your strategies.


Thank you for the idea of list and to stay focused.  I am trying to
save up enough money to buy your book.  I am a single parent of two
and one is really short on attention.  I know you hear this a lot.
But, I am determined cause when I finish school I will be the first
woman in my family to obtain a college degree.  I hope to finish
before I am 45.  I know I should have started sooner, my fault but
no excuses now.

Dear Sir,

Good day to you.  Thanks to all your tips.  I do all
those tips you sent to me.  My mother is very thankful that you
helped me to have good grades.  Honestly my mother is very noisy
always telling me to read all you sent to me.

You are right Sir, nobody can help myself and my own effort and
suffering just to make and have good grades.

Thank you very for more tips.

I would like to appreciate you from your effort for the best grade
with lest effort book.  I wish to purchase it and study quickly.

Before that I would like to ask, would this book be also applicable
for Uni studying in laboratory medicine also.

I have been struggling to improve my marks, I am still trying hard
but it takes me ages to complete my course, wish to finish it soon
and get good marks in a short time.  I would appreciate you for
further advice.  Sorry!  Taking your time.

I bought your book ‘how to get the best grades “ and I am studying

Dear Sir,

I have been receiving all of your messages.  Honestly, I do really
want to have your book, but I can not afford the process involved.
I would be very greatful if you could please be of help to me.  I
really do need the book.

Thank you for your follow up and assistance.

Thank you.  Now I know that I know that you are a great
teacher….have a good day.


I bought this book for my son who has entered the police academy at
the age of 20.  He has always had trouble testing as he blanks out
and gets nervous.  There is no room for lacking grades in this
academy as the lowest score can only be an 80% with only one retest

He failed the first test by 2 points, at this time we bought the

The academics are hard learning all the laws and statutes; the days
are long starting class at 6:00 am finishing at 17:00 and a very
hard physical training at the end of the day in the high heat.

I must admit at first the book seemed to basic, I guess I was
looking for a missing link to say that’s the problem.  However
after focusing on the main ideas of the book, telling your friend
don’t call till the weekend I need to study every night, getting
with other students to find out what works for them and forming
study groups with them things have seemed to change.

He feels more confident before each test, takes his time using the
allotted time for the test, leaves the questions he is not sure
of and goes back.  The new result is he has the second
highest grade in the class for last two tests.  Hopefully I am not
tooting his horn too early but I think if he continues to focus
and continues these new learned habits he will he fine.

I am glad I found the book as it as sure made a difference in my
sons study habits.  He has learned that just reading the book or
any book is not the answer, you must apply what you

If you choose use any of this information use my name only and not
other personal info.
Thanks Again.

Dear Dr. Dussault,

Just to let you know I love your ideas after being in the workforce
for over 46 years, I was laid off in March from a hospital I worked
at for 10 years.

I am now 60 and on unemployment and they were nice enough to send
me to a trade school for medical assisting and phelbotomy.  I am a
little worried because it is hard for me to absorb it, even was all
my life and now I am 60 and once I start to study I really don’t
know how….but even this little tidbit you gave me is appreciated
believe me thank you…..


I am a secondary pupil from Scotland, I came across your site and I
almost couldn’t believe it.  I am a worrier and before a test, exam
etc. I freak out and think I’ll never be able to fit all that study
time in.  My school is forever testing kids, we have at least 1 a
week.  And we are always getting moved around from class to class
depending on our grades, its a nightmare.

I’m so happy to have finally found a great site to help me
throughout school, as this is my first year as a secondary pupil,
which is like high school.  Thanks and I will be getting your book.

I don’t know how much I thank you but you are helping me because I
come 2 month a go from Ethiopia.

I would give me some explanation about esl & transfer programe?

10q u 4 u help.

Thanks a lot for that tip.  I’ve found your tips quite helpful.

I have been applying the techniques, no change in grades in class.
I spend more time now reading the material twice and taking the
notes.  Definitely not less time.

Hi Dr

Because of you I am now in a good position.

10q u.

Thank you for your guiding in the past one month.  We had already
purchased your ebook.

Thanks so much, this is making it easiyer for me every day.


Can you send me the first strategy tonite so I can get started–
I’m already taking classes and need the boost………….Thanks

My grades are really improving I have an A in reading writing,
spelling, math and social studies, but I have a B in science.  Your
tips really help.  Thank you a lot.

I hope this is making you lots of money… cos so far… this has
been good….

Keep it up…

Have a great night.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for all your advices!

Thanks a lot.

Please can you give me some tips of preparing for my exam?

Thank you sir.

It will be a pleasure for me 2 have someone who will insist me on
the problem that I’m into now.  Thank you.

Thanks a lot Sir.  The tips are really helpful.

With thanks and regards.

BTWw thanx for the online emails.


Thank you.

Thank you sincerely!!

Dear Sir,

I would like to seek advices from you.  I would you to give me some
study related advices. Thank you.

Hey thanks.  I read it all, it’s helped a lot; those are good guide
lines to success!

This is what I need to know more about.  I want more examples..cuz’
I still don’t know what I know..??


Cool, thanks, this has been of great help, thank you.

Thank you for the kindness and great judgment about me!!!!!!!!!

Tell me more………..

Thanks a lot.  That really good.

Thank you very much for your giving tips of studying to me.

Hi Marc,

I’ll more than gladly provide you with a testimonial of mine as
soon as I’m done reading and applying techniques outlined in your
Get the best grades with the least amount of efforts E-book.

See, I decided to make a return to college this year, and I’ve
taken up nursing.  I’m doing a BSN, which is a good deal of work.
I know you’re from Quebec, but it was such a bright idea of you to
move to Autralia–I’m talking about our infamous health care as
well as myriads of other incentives for on to move away from
Quebec.  I do not find myself suited to live around here, as I
don’t quite have the mentality espoused by most Quebecers.  Mind
you some people are really nice folks for sure.

I’ve also bought your speed reading online video tutorial course,
which I liked, but need to watch once or twice more over up coming

While I’m doing a BSN, I’ve also been heavily involved in the
pursuit or perfect health, which include deep understanding of
macronutrient manipulation, neuroendocrinology and I’m also working
out, having a full home gym downstairs.  I’m QUITE demanding to
myself and performance oriented quite a bit. I’ve tons of unread
books here, which I want to read, but given the very limited time
schedule that I’ve had over the last year, I’ve found myself not
being able to do as much as I’d like to unfortunately.  But I’m not
one to give up and just resign myself to a limited timetable.
Nope, quite the opposite actually, I want to learn to speed read to
very high speed, retain as much as possible of what I covered material,
that’s why I opted for  your speed reading tutorial.

One thing I wondered about is: how did you come to teach that speed
reading method Marc?  My guess is you’ve read a lot of books on the
subject i.e. Evelyn Wood, Paul Scheele, Win Wenger, Raiford Dudley
and perhaps many more, and squeezed the most relevant of each and
condensed it to form your own favored speed reading method.

Like I said Marc, I’ll be happy to further provide you with
comments on my success rate with your method.  I’ll make time to
fill in your forms and if need be write to you personally.

At this point in time I’m working to remove this sense of being
overwhelm by the sheer amount of work (be in college or personal),
as I have VERY high personal goals that I want and will achieve
within the next few years, as I’m already 37.  So far so good,
since as days go by, I find I’m capable of doing more while
experiencing less stress.

Marc, I’ll go to your blogs over the next few days, after I’m done
taking the 3 tests I have scheduled tomorrow and Thursday.

Ok, it was nice hearing from you Marc, and I’m a man of my word, so
you’ll hear from me as soon as I’ve gone through your book.


P.S. It looks like people named Marc are bright high achiever folks

Hi Dr,

My problem is that last year I used to get good grades even my
family was proud of me and told to continue like that.  This year
things started changing, my grades started going down and down.  I
need your help doctor.  I want to be at the top of the class by the
end of my examination this year.  Advice me please Dr.  Bye.


I have been in academic probation like never before.  I have earned
one F and all C’s at the university, and I might be dismissed from
the university next semester.  Hmmmm……… nice book.

Please, send me your shortcuts as soon as possible, because next
week my exams will start.  I’ll be waiting for your
reply……… thanks…..
Goodday Sir,

How I’m going to get and information agast this grades and the
messenge that you send me.  I want to part of this programmes you

Good morning Sir

I m really very thankful to you for what your doing for us the
students and hope you will keep on doing such great job in future.
Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH.  Take  good care of yourself.

Thank you for your reply.  Do I need to pay you for the following
sessions?  May I know that where you are from?  Just curious.

I am a Chinese who is trying to pass IELTS to register with the
Nurses Board of Australia.  They ask us to get overall 7 with each
subband 7.  I took it in Jan, and failed in writing, only 6.  So I
will have to take it again at the end of June.  My writing is not
too bad, just I need to improve my way of expressing my ideas which
are Chinese (commented by my English teacher).

I have problem to concentrate on the tasks sometimes as I am under
great tense.  I have been here since Oct 2007, and completed my
bridging course, and stuck here only because of the English.  I
have been trying to pass another English test set by Australians
called occupational English test a year ago, but kept the failure
in speaking.  I then changed my mind to try IELTS, but failed in

Its really frustrating.  Many of my classmates have passed
everything and started working as registered nurses and have their
family came over.  This only trigger my sadness and frustration.
Its very shame as well.

I don’t know what else to tell you, and I desperately want to pass
either OET or IELTS as soon as possible.

I appreciate any help that I can get.

Have a good day.

Thank you again.

Hello I am very thankful to you for helpful & easy tech. you have
give me.  I want learn more & more from you.  Once again thank you.

Hello sir
Thank you for teaching me the new techniques on how to study to
remember.  I will take each one and see if I can be successful.


Hi Dr. Dussault

Thank you for teaching my first lesson.  I will read your emails

Have a good time. Good bye!!


I look forward to your discussions and reading the book, probably
on my return.

Thank you.



I have some questions about your Study-method.  I am a 16-year old
Dutch student in High School and I currently have bad grades for
Physics, Chemistry and Math (the highest level of it). My mentor
said that changing the profile (which means changing those
bad-grades subjects into easy subjects which I find interesting,
like history, geography and an easier form of Math) would be a good
option to consider.

However, there is just one study I need to follow, or else, I won’t
have enough subjects to pass that year.  This subject would be
French.  The only problem is, I didn’t follow French-lessons this
years, because it wasn’t in my profile.  My questions are: does
your product makes it easier for me to study history, geography and
an easier form of Math, which I all have to study in, let’s say, 6
months, while they are courses designed to learn in one year, so it
will be twice more difficult.  And does your product also makes it
easier to study a language like French in 6 months, while I didn’t
even follow it for a year?  In the 3rd class (the Dutch High School
consists of 6 classes) I got an 8 for French (which would be a B in
the USA?), but I didn’t learn the new grammar and words they taught
in the 4th class.

So is this product a solution for achieving good grades for these
subjects, while I haven’t study them for a year?

It seems that I have viewed things in a wrong perspective.
Everything seems important but none of them seems urgent.  That’s
why I tend to focus my energy on everything at once – a
scatterbrain, I admit.

Thanks for the information.

I purchased this book out of desperation for my daughter, she is
third year university trying to get into nursing.  Francesca
studies day and night and pulls off D’s.  She watched the video and
took pointers, she is reading the book.  I printed the book off for
her so we are praying for a miracle that what she learns she will
put into practice.

Frustration is a mild word of how she is feeling.  In these courses
she needs B’s to bring up her grade point average in order to get
into nursing.

Good morning.  Thanks for your simple advice.  Simple yet worth
doing.  I try my best not to waste my time with unnecessary things.
I should learn how to priorities. GOD BLESS AND MORE POWER.

Thanks for your help, your strategies sound so much easier then all
those harsh days of long
Studying.  How much does the book cost?



Thank you for you information.  I am struggling here to finish an
ICT project which is due on March 27th.  These days I sleep at
12.00 midnight to do the project and wake up at 3.00 am to study
Ict till 6.00 I continue then go to school.  I have also found that
my efficiency and productivity is also less at night, but I can’t
help it!  At least I do less than doing nothing at all!

But at school I really find it difficult to concentrate as I feel
sleepy. My teacher also scolds me…but I still want to finish the
project as I started it really late and others are well ahead of
me.  I am really worried and lost confidence…I have paid alot of
money to sit for this exam.

Would you please give me some tips to finish my project as soon as
possible so that I have time to study!  I went through the section
where you said “Important and emergency”, please elaborate more on
this topic as I’ve got it important and urgent as well.

Many thanks for your tips and suggestions, god bless you…..cos it
really helps.
Good evening Dr Marc

I really thank you from my heart about this helpe and I really need
this help because I am study in college of arts so I need your

I’d like to ask if you could provide me tips on how to improve my
study habits or shall I say to start establishing it.  I’m actually
preparing for the Philippine bar examinations this coming September
2009, but I really don’t know how to set a plan for my review.  I
must admit that I do not have a good foundation in the four year of
studies in law school.  Could you provide me with materials and
informations that could help me go through it and be able to start
my review properly.  Thanks.

I am a 50 year old returning to college, and most of my problems
seem to be slow reader and comprehension.  I am a wiz on the
computer, wish those skills were the same for reading.

Can your book help me to learn “How to Study and pass college”?  I
truly don’t have time to waste at my age.


Hi Dr. Dussault,

I thought I would let you know that I have downloaded your book and
read it and took notes the very same day I bought.  I am excited to
have this information and I have already made plans to put these
steps into action in my study.  I have also watched the
speed learning video.

Thank you for keeping at me to use these tools.

“You gain strength, courage and confidence
By every experience in which you really
Stop to look fear in the face…you must do
the thing you think you cannot.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Ok, well thanks for all your words and I hope that what your going
to tell me to do is going to help me cause I’m really looking
forward to getting good grades!!  KK well yeah Thanks a lot again!!

Hey Marc, was up, well I got some bad grades right now they are not
horrible but like I want to have good grades now!!

What should I do when like I’m in class and the teacher is
explaining everything we’re supposed to do and I don’t get anything
she’s saying??  Or what can you do to not get distracted?  Oh I got
a test tomorrow and I know a little bit more cause like your web
says that you gotta be prepared for what you have!

Many Thanks Dr Marc.  This seems like a positive start for me, but
I’ve got an important question.  I am currently in my penultimate
year in the university, studying in the UK.  I was just wondering
if these study skills to get better grades are skills for only
students in The USA or also relates to the students everywhere

Also I’ve got another problem which I find difficult to solve is
the interest to study, I think I have the interest as I promise
myself to study everyday but as soon as I pick up my books to study
I loose interest immediately again.  It takes me so much time to
understand a few lines of words while studying and I can hardly
remember them too, which is to say I think they do not register.

It has been a great concern to me and I have been too shy to speak
to anybody.

I know and have this confidence in me that makes me think I am
intelligent and can make it but as soon as I encounter a difficult
task I become weak and just give up.  I am afraid I will fail and
have 2 repeat a class if I dont find a solution quick.

I need your help please and hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you cause I have an F in reading an A in spelling and a D in
math, so I’ll be waiting.  Oh and THANK YOU again.

Thanks for the message Dr. but I also believe in the gifts of God
and perhaps this is what you are gifted with.


Hi Dr, I already listen to your video but I have some problem to
get the benifit from speed reading.  You know Doctor my dream is to
be a speed reader, could you write for  a step to do by specific
time daily, that means every day I will do practical training to be
an excelent speed reader.

Please doctor help me to reach my dream.

Thanks Dr Marc.

Hi Dr, thanks for the follow up.  I still have not read the book as
yet.  I printed the first 45 pages and I am yet to print the rest.
I will start reading soon.  I am not in school now but I still want
to improve my memory and reading habit/technique.  Once I start
reading it religiously I can let you know the experience.  Once
again thanks for the follow up.

Hi there,

I have recently purchased the speed reading videos and have been
using them for 2 days only. However, what I found is that there
would be sub-vocalisation when I try out your method.  You did not
address this issue in your videos.  What should I do to avoid it as
it is slowing me down.

Secondly, I am currently studying law and would be having my exams
pretty soon.  It is a closed book exam.  As you would know, law is
a subject that has plenty of sections and subsections eg. hearsay
exception (s.116, s.114) etc.  By reading it quickly, I would not
comprehend it at all.  I would need to read it slowly and for a few
times before understanding them.  That would beat the purpose of
speed reading in the first place.  But I can’t seem to understand
them when I use your method.  Trying to speed up would result in no
comprehension as I have done.

I hope you could clarify these matters for me.  I had high
motivation when I watched your video but upon trying it, it seems
to be demotivating me more and more as I don’t seem to make any
progress.  It seems that with speed, I am sacrificing my
comprehension which is ridiculous. Please help.  Thanks.


I bought this for my boys who are studying at university and
grammar school. I happen to have a PhD in psychology and probably
have more qualifications than you do.  I am a very successful
person in my own right but thought that my boys might benefit from
reading this material.  Have a lovely Christmas!!

Hi Marc,

Yes!  Exactly same happened with me, too.  Since I purchased the
e-Book, I just stored in my To Do work-list, but did not read a bit
on it.  I will make it during the weekend.

Actually I bought this for my kids who are aged 10 and 6.  I will
read and try to teach the tips provided in the book to my children.

Thank you for giving directions.  I will need some more support
later on.


Hi Marc:

You have achieved great success.  No way can you use my testimonial
on you page.  My grades have gone up and are still going up with a
very few effort.  The thing is that I caught it right on the edge
and believed I was doing the right thing from the beginning.  I
have now doubt that doing what I did at the very end could help me
if I apply it on the beginning.  It is exactly what it says on the
book just that you have to practice like you had the test that same
week.. for a couple of weeks and don´t stress by trying to do it
all at once.  Once you have the system you are going to use on the
exam and have then done many practices then you can check with your
teacher for additional mistakes.

Thats where I got taken the points off my exam, because there was
no doubt that that test exam had anything wrong.  I believe that
after seeing my test grades and having talked with my teachers
about their grading scale, they and I will achieve.  There is no
doubt in my mind that together the power of nature is nature of
many and can be used to their benefit.  By uniting our efforts
towards greatness the possibilities are more than dreams.

My personal story is many like the one of a forgotten tree, not by
everything around it but by his spirit.  From extremely low marks
on my university test grades to very close to passing and even so
doing so in my next exams.  Got there a little on the edge and got
back on track with some incredible success.  Why is it that once
you actually think that you are doing something productive and it
is extremely beneficial it ends up being not so great after all…
then you do things that other people have gotten success on and
work out better!

Even so it is hard to get out of old habits and still be doing a
hell of an effort.  Never have I seen myself so low on existence to
find true happiness in the smallest of things.  For me it was a
single leaf of grass that I saw threw the window of my office.  But
that’s not all, in the agonizing pursuit of achieving my goals I
was killing them.  For the moment that I saw the windows so near to
me I didn´t know the why but felt the need to go there.

It was a life-changing instance that takes you to a new breath of
life above your own frustration. There are unlimited possibilities
but limited time to find them.  Almost everything is doing what it
is supposed to be doing without knowing of your existence and
needs.  I believe it is not until your very existence is put to
test that a door opens to your eyes.  That answer is that you live
within your world of thoughts and experiences.  Nobody perceives it
like you do or thinks what you think they are thinking.  Sure I can
anticipate human nature.  But then so can I predict that there will
be waves in the morning.  There is a slight percentage that I could
be wrong but if you do your homework then there is no possibility
that is to great to overcome.

Hi Dr Marc,

Thank you for your great advice.  I believe It help me to think
about myself to know about I know and I don’t know I know.  These
great lessons gave me to develop myself what I know.  I’m sorry, I
am very limited words to jot down, next time I will write again.
Thank you.

Kind regards.

Thanks you for e-mails.  Actually I haven’t got the chance to apply
the techniques yet.

I just read them out of curiosity – you never know when you might
need new skills.  Maybe I could apply them in my future studies for
a Master’s Degree.

Best regards.

Dear Dr Marc Dussault:

The stars is a staring point!  Success breads success!  The more
you practice the luckier you get! Teaching others is a great way to
learn!  I am glad I met you!  I am more than grateful for the
information I have received from you and the unbelievable success
that is my life and beyond! Any information that I receive that I
believe is essential for life success will be forwarded to your
email!  Any information that I can receive from you about that
topic or major breakthrough tools is more than appreciated!

Hi Marc,

I will try to get started this week.  Thanks for the follow-up!

Hi!  Yesterday I wrote a comment on one of your post on “get better
grade” blog.  Just in case you don’t find it there this is what I
wrote. (By the way I want to tell you that I didn’t mean IN ANY WAY
to be rude to you or to your system. I simply need some more
explanation about some topic I didn’t find in your book.  Thanks

Hi!  I downloaded your speed reading course and your book.  While I
enjoyed greatly the first one I can’t tell the same for the second.
I’m sorry but I found it “motivational” rather than full of
techniques of how to study better.  Let me explain: you just say
“use coloured pens” (by the way almost everyone knows this
technique) but you don’t say if one should read a text first and
then highlight it or if he should highlight straight away or if it
is better to read the whole book a couple of time before dividing
into sections and start studying.  Moreover you never mention
memory techniques (and that surprised me a lot) like cicero method
or the new pmemory.  Why? Do you think they are overrated?  I truly
expected the book to present a system that combining speed reading
for comprehension and memory techniques for remembering was able to
make the difference for every student.

Before ending this letter I would like you to know that I didn’t
mean to be rude or to offend you in any way.  I truly admire you
and look up to you for what you have been able to do in your life.
I simply feel like that in this book “the meat” isn’t there (let
me point out that instead the speed reading course is very well
done).  In your book you say that we should model those who are
better than us in a particular field by asking them questions.  So
if you don’t mind I would like to ask you some questions.  When you
where studying law what were you doing?  Did you study in the
morning or late night?  How long was every study session?  Did you
find it hard to concentrate after a certain amount of time
studying?  Did you read the whole book a couple of times before
highlighting it or what?  How did you remember things?  Rote
memory, association like cicero method or what?

Thank you so much.

P.S. English isn’t my first language that’s the reason why my
English isn’t always correct and easy to understand.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the advice.

This course has literally changed the chemistry of my body.  I am
in such a state now…. My focus is like a lazar beam because I
know what I want my outcome to be, and because I now how to get
there.  I no longer feel stressed out.  I just feel like I am
“ready to go!”  I really do feel like, well I know that this is
enhancing my true ability and I look forward to purchasing your
products in the future.  Thank you so much for your course!!!

Life Changing…for the better.

Hi and thank you!  I did what you told me to, and I did not stop
after 8 minutes…..

Thank you for this reminder. 🙂

Kind regards.

Hello Dr. Dussault,

Congratulations on publishing such a wonderful book.  I look
forward to sharing your information with teachers and students.

I’m in the later stages of a life-long career in higher education,
working especially with adult, high-risk learners who truly will
benefit from your work.

I am curious, as a writer myself, would you care to share this
personal information:  How many of these books have you sold?  And
if I wanted to produce a similar product, no competition intended,
is there a particular niche that truly needs help in becoming a
better student … in class and in life?

Hello Dr Marc,

You have made a big ladder for people to grow out of their
expectations and I hope you can keep up the great spirit and know
that I am here to support you!

Thank you.

Dear Dr Marc Dussault,

How are you?  Your dream is very useful for me personally.  My life
is really starting to take off and I wanted to thank you for having
a successful life and setting standards for your skills that really
are helpful for anyone who is trying to be successful in whatever
they like.

Dr D.

I purchased your e-book, I read it, and re-read it and I still can
not get over it. I thank God for the day I stumbled over your
website while searching for something that will become my number 2
companion after my family.

If I were to write an essay, you will probably fail me simply
because I can not talk about your ebook without mention of your
speed reading videos and that will be going off topic.

They are both master pieces to me. YOU write in a way that draws
my attention such that when I read my book, it is like I can see
you standing in front of me and talking to me. Yours is a gift if
not to every living soul, at least to me and I thank God for
helping me “meet” you.

A little history of me: I originate from Botswana, Africa. I was
what they used to call ‘smart’ and the truth is back in high school
I used most of your techniques, unknowingly. Not only was I top of
the school for all the five high school years, but also I loved
tutoring others.

You said it yourself that if you can break it down to another
person then you know it. Until you explained that to me, I
did not know that by teaching others, I was committing into long
term memory! From High school I went on to the university of
Botswana, did first 2 years of BSc and got a scholarship to pursue
Health Sciences degree in Australia (1999).

This is where I am now. During my first degree, my academic vigor,
the greed for outstanding marks somewhat got stolen from me, by me.
In particular, procrastination, lack of careful planning (Chapter
2) and putting too much on my plate (Chapter 3) sent my academic
circle of influence from comfortable to Anxiety & Uncertainty.

I simply needed you there. In 2007-2008, I decided to do my Masters
of Health Science and that time I had decided to re-ignite my
potential which  ties to a bit of maturity and wisedom at work.

While working full time, working an average of 50hrs a week and
supporting my wife through university (overseas fees), I managed to
graduate with distinctions and high distinctions only. When I look
back, I see that I had unknowingly used some of your strategies.
Using almost all of your strategies and speed reading is definitely
going to propel me to more HD than Ds next year when I pursue my
post grad Medicine. By the way, I am 36 yrs and feel great mentally.

Yes, I am using your strategies and I will give a few examples
unless you have an hour to read. I mind map everything now even if
it is a mental picture of the grocery list. When I study,
accentuating important items with red make them stand out just like
the red light at the traffic light. I even apply your strategy
“review you notes regularly” in a different setting.

I am learning to play piano for the fun of it and I figured “…
review your notes after each class…”  (pg 43) means that I will
be able to ‘see’ my teacher showing me how to do a new chord and
it worked wonders for me.

You, Dr D, are what I call my hero, forget Hollywood celebrities.
You are an ideal teacher for me because of your personalised way of
breaking down concepts. I have purchased speed reading videos
before and that did not work because for me, the why question needs
to be fully addressed and that is your speciality.

Of course, I work hard to get where I am going and I can see that
when I start Uni next year, your material would have pushed me to
the summit. I will be now going down the slope and enjoying it.

Like you said in your blog, that this will need both physical and
mental fitness. I play soccer once a week, weight training thrice
a week, find time to cycle on weekends with my wife and I sing at
church and play piano an hour a day which I found so far the one
thing that involves almost the whole of the brain to learn.

Please allow me to call your e-book a ‘DNA template for the
academically-unsuccessful yet yearn for more in life”.

Yours is a holistic approach not to the academic world only but
life in general.

Thank you,


I first want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to better myself for college studies and work alike. Today was my first day of class as a freshman at Troy University in Alabama, planning and preparing to study nursing, and following that, becoming a nurse anesthetist. I actually found your book on the CRNA Schools website.

I bought this book roughly five weeks ago and I have completed the book and working to improve the techniques learned throughout – making specific notes to refer to when the time for studying comes to play. The technique I have spent the most time improving is my circle of influence. I have honestly noticed a difference from the point I purchased this book to now; eliminating ineffective tasks like watching TV or video games and replacing them with reading a book or exercising at my local gym. Doing this throughout the summer has transitioned me to college and allowed me to stay active while preparing for classwork. Not only does it benefit me but it also rubs off on my roommates and friends.

A few other techniques I would like to touch on are the scheduling and organizing. Ever since I have completed the book I spent time creating a schedule for basic tasks throughout the day, setting an appropriate time for each task. I can now say that I have advanced this scheduling with more specific tasks with proper time management – improving one the skills I was lacking.

I have only read through the book once but plan to read through a second time, because we all know you don’t grab everything there is to be learned on the first read through. I would also like to say that the mind maps that are sent are absolutely fantastic – I will soon be printing them out and posting them on the wall right in front of my bedside study desk. I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO EVERYONE. I have learned much more than I thought I would, but at the same time there were a few techniques I am already accustomed to. I want to thank you once again Dr. Marc for teaching new strategies and giving me the opportunity to be one of the top students in my class while, at the same time, staying involved with school activities and spending time with others.

Thanks Mike H.


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  • Dr. Marc: I ordered your book “How to Get the Best Grades With the Least Amount of Effort” for my grandchildren. I have seven ranging in age from 6-16. They are wonderful but some of them struggle in their schoolwork. They are bright, wonderful young people but I want to help them achieve greater things in their studying & school work. I will be seeing the three oldest this weekend & plan to share with them your wonderful program. I am so excited, I am going to start reading through it tonight & will write you on their progress. Thanks so much! Dianne P.

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