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10 Most Popular Professors On YouTube

Here is the list of the 10 most popular professors on YouTube.

Of all the things you can find on YouTube, you may be surprised to know that you can watch lectures from beloved professors. Whether they are loved for their teaching style, personality, or subject matter, you can learn from these professors.

  1. Randy Pausch: Randy Pausch was a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon. He delivered his “Last Lecture” on achieving dreams, which has become an Internet sensation and bestselling book.
  2. Walter Lewin: This MIT physics professor is a beloved instructor. He is known for his fascinating experiments that hold the attention of every student. Have fun watching and learning from his lectures.
  3. James Duane: James Duane is a former defense attorney and a professor at Regent Law School. In his videos, he explains to students how they can avoid rights violations when dealing with law enforcement.
  4. Marian Diamond: Professor Marian Diamond is praised for her old-school teaching methods and understanding of learning theory. Check out Professor Diamond’s videos on biology, specifically those on human anatomy, to see what the hype is about.
  5. Robert Lustig: Robert Lustig is a professor of pediatrics at UCSF. He is most commonly known for his lecture on sugar, and the damage that is caused by sugary foods. You can watch his videos to explore sugar, obesity, stress, and more.
  6. Elizabeth Warren: Check out Elizabeth Warren’s lectures to learn about America’s credit economy. In her most popular video, she discusses the coming collapse of the middle class. Professor warren is a law scholar at Harvard Law School.
  7. T.S. Natarajan: Learn everything you ever wanted to know about electronics from Professor T. S. Natarajan. This IIT Madras physics professor covers electronic devices, laws, theorems, and so much more in an understandable way.
  8. Mehran Sahami: You can learn about programming from a Googler and Stanford CS lecturer, Professor Mehran Sahami, on YouTube. He primarily covers programming methodology, but he also shares inspiration and insight.
  9. Amy Hungerford: Embrace your love of literary classics with Professor Hungerford’s lectures. This Yale professor shares her incredible insight into the modern American novel.
  10. Richard Buckland: Richard Buckland, a professor of higher computing at the University of New South Wales, will introduce you to computing. You can even go inside a computer and study extreme programming through his lectures.

This list of the Top Professors On YouTube was sent to me by Lauri Buckley.

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