Monthly Archive for May, 2010

What Do Teachers make?

This 3 minute YouTube video is from a teacher with a special approach that will inspire you to get better grades by doing your best. It’s a source of inspiration and motivation that you can come back to whenever you need a little motivation. Even though it’s about a teacher, after all, it’s all about […]

Struggling With Your English Course?

Chances are if you’re in high school, struggling with your English courses – it’s at least partially because you’re TEXTING and TWEETING too much. A recent study reported that British teens were using approximate 800 words a day, significantly less than the 40,000 words a typical 16-year-old should have at his or her command. Here’s […]

Student Procrastinator

Recently, Ann, a First Year University Student posted this comment on this blog… Dear Marc Dussault: I recently purchased your book. It has now been a week and while I agree with a lot of the suggestions in your book, I have yet to start implementing them yet. I was a procrastinator in high school. […]

How To Ace Your Next Exam

I recently filmed a bonus video for people who buy my study book. It’s called “5 Minutes To Go From Panic To Passing Tomorrow’s Exam”. In fact, the introduction video is included at the end of this blog post. In the video, I explain strategies that make the most of the little bit of time […]

Post It Notes

All students rely on Post It Notes to reference where the most important facts, figures and information is. It’s a priceless study tool that we just can’t live without. That being said, this 2-minute YouTube video brings a whole new dimension to how you can use Post It Notes. Enjoy it and then get back […]