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Teaching Art to Young Students? Take Note of These Suggestions

Teaching art to young students is rewarding because you see them have fun with their projects. Discover ways to teach this subject more effectively in class.

Why Burying Yourself in Textbooks Isn’t the Way to Better Grades

You’d think getting better grades means spending each hour of the day with your nose in your textbook. While adding hours to your daily study regimen might help, it’s not an ideal solution.

13 Ways to Stay Focused While Studying

Are you having trouble concentrating while studying? These strategies can help.

Thinking Outside the Box: Improving Your Skillset Beyond Your Job

Getting ahead in your career takes improving the skills you have to offer, and some of the most useful ways to do that are here for your perusal.

How to Improve Your Child’s Concentration While They Study at Home

There are numerous distractions around that cause a decline in concentration among children. If you want your child to pay attention to school and other tasks, follow these tricks.

What to Remember When You’re Learning Something New

The pursuit of learning something new is commendable and frustrating. Keep these things in mind as you continue your education to lessen the frustrations.

Soft Skills You Learn at School That Prepare You for the Workplace

School provides opportunities for you to develop the skills that you will need once you graduate and become a full-fledged adult. Here are the soft skills that you should have earned by now.

Form the Right Study Habits to Become Effective in Life

Some problems in life require you to be successful before you can deal with them. Here’s how great study habits let you get to that point.

The Quiet Value of Patience for a 21st Century Student

Patience speaks volumes about the kind of person that you are. Moreover, it has a huge impact on your life. Learn how you can be a patient person here.

Training and learning – The challenge of remote teams

COVID and Working From Home (WFH) have brought on a lot of challenges for people who are not used to working remotely. We can all attest to how much the Internet has made significant changes and improvements to our daily lives. We now have the concept of telecommuting, which is basically working from the comfort […]

Lacking Concentration? Here are the 5 Things You Need While Studying

It’s not uncommon to have difficulty concentrating while studying. You know that time is precious and you want to do well, but managing to focus and concentrate on the study tasks that need to be done can be extraordinarily hard. The good news is that there are ways to improve your concentration and use your […]

The Effect of New Technology on Education

According to, technological advancements have transformed the livelihoods of people in every sector over the last century. For instance, information technology has made it easy for people to access limitless sources of information. The topic of how these new forms of technology impact on education has recently become a source of heated debates. Some […]

5 Tips for Engaging Students in Learning

All too often, ‘learning’ is synonymous with students being disinterested, bored, uninspired and disengaged. Although there are many distractions that can draw students’ attention away from subject content (such as smartphones, other technology and social media), there are also many great techniques that educators can use to better engage students in learning. 1. Provide them […]

How to Stay Focused when Taking an Online Course

An increasing number of students are choosing to take university courses online. These courses boast a number of benefits for busy students, allowing them to complete coursework in their spare time without spending the extra time commuting to and from campus. That means you can study when it’s most convenient, whether that’s on your lunch […]

Gap Year Infographic

Gap year trips are very popular – this great infographic reveals some interesting stats… Enjoy! An infographic by World First