Monthly Archive for December, 2008

Easy Study Tip: Study By Objective Not Time!

When we first begin school, our parents and our teachers tell us that we should set aside a specific amount of time to study each day. Don’t make this mistake! Many people continue to study by giving themselves an allocated time per day or per week to study a certain subject, all because they don’t […]

Merry Christmas and An Exponential New Year

What can I say, what a year it has been… riding the wildest roller coaster we’ve ever seen! This is a time for reflection, introspection and yes a little bit of self analysis. I highly recommend you write it in your journal so you have your key distinctions, insights and ideas for years to come. […]

Easy Study Tip #1 – Read BEFORE You Go To Class

Whether you are thinking about saving your grades or you just feel as though you need a bit of a boost as the semester wears on, you will find that one of the simplest things you can do to get your grades up and to keep them up is to read your materials before you […]

Mature Students Going Back To School

Today’s post is from Marian, a mature student going back to you to reinvigorate her career… I went back to school as a mature student TWICE – the first time to complete my MBA and Ph.D., then +/- 10 years later for my Law Degree. Going BACK to school has its challenges – competing with […]

Ace your next exam by solving it in advance!

I am including another testimonial from Andrés who lives in beautiful Costa Rica because I think he adds a very personal perspective to the process of Getting Better Grades With The Least Amount Of Effort that will inspire and motivate you. My grades have gone up and are still going up with very little extra […]