You can’t afford NOT to learn things on the first go

No one can go back, but we all can make the MOST of what’s ahead.

You need to learn ‘whatever it is’ on the first go because (1) you won’t have time later to learn it ‘again’ when you could have learned it on the first go because you’ll have other things to learn by then! (2) learning it on the second go means twice the effort for the same outcome while losing all the time in-between to use the knowledge to your advantage, but most importantly… (3) whatever you learn now is the probably a stepping stone to the next level of stuff you need/want to learn; like the alphabet is to learning a language and basic math/arithmetic operations (+,-, x and /) are to algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and physics…

If you don’t learn the basics now, you’ll lose out on everything else that follows!

That’s like a big sign that warns:


It’s completely useless unless you can READ Chinese.

If you’re about to miss the bus, you have to (1) START to run after the bus IMMEDIATELY and (2) run FASTER than the bus, to catch it.

The FASTER you run (right away), the LESS you have to run.

🚌 <—FAST —🏃🏻

🚌 <- – – – – – – – – – S – – – L – – – – O – – – W – – – – – – – – 🏃🏻


That’s why Speed Learning and Speed Reading are so important. They allow for the FASTER acquisition of any subject or skill, to help you catch up on lost time, so you can catch the proverbial bus; learn a new skill to get that promotion, raise or a new job!

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