How to Improve Your Child’s Concentration While They Study at Home

Many kids find it difficult to divert all their attention to one task. Nowadays, numerous distractions surround them. Why should they do their homework when there are videos to watch on YouTube, television series to binge on Netflix, and video games to play on the Nintendo Switch?

However, learning to concentrate is an essential skill that they have to learn in order to succeed in school and in life. It is what they need to get good grades on tests and, eventually, to excel at their jobs as adults.

If your child is having trouble focusing on their online middle school educationor even face-to-face classes, here are some tips that can help them.

Remove Distractions

The most important tip that will make a huge difference is to remove any distractions. Keep the television off when it is time to do their homework. Do not let them use or, if needed, keep their smartphones away from them for a while.

You should also try to keep background noise at a minimum: no loud shouting or phones ringing. And, clean their desks. The only thing that should be catching their attention is the homework in front of them.

Do Brain Training Activities

Concentration, just like other skills, need to be practiced and developed over time. You cannot expect your child to have the concentration of a chess master overnight. You need to encourage them to pursue activities that will improve their concentration. These activities include crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, sudoku, and chess.

Make sure that the activity is appropriate to their age or level. If it is too easy or too hard, it will fail to catch their attention.

Let Them Exercise and Sleep

Exercise is good for the body and for the mind. In one 2018 study, researchers found that kids who exercised every dayimproved their concentration and attention after just four weeks.

Exercise also allows your child to spend their extra energy into another task, making them more attentive when they need to concentrate on a school activity.

Sleep, on the other hand, has a positive effect on mood and performance. When a person does not get enough sleep (9 to 11 hours for school children aged 6 to 1), their ability to concentrate will decline and they become inattentive.

It is important, therefore, for your child to go to bed early during school nights. Not only will it prevent health problems from popping up later down the line, but it will also ensure that their minds are alert in order to understand their lessons and responds to questions with the right answer.

Play Soothing Music

There are sounds that do not distract but improves concentration.

There is evidence that backs the claims that listening to music while you work can help your mind focus on the task at hand. Classical music, particularly baroque classical music, is the best when it comes to concentration.

If your child does not enjoy that sort of music, ambient and electronic also work. Or, if that is still distracting, white noise and nature sounds will drown out loud sounds.

It will take a lot of work and you might have to wait a long time before you can see improvements. However, as long as you keep trying, your child will eventually be able to concentrate on their schooling.


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