Monthly Archive for February, 2012

Mindmap To Improve Your Grades

As a reader or subscriber to this blog, you know I am a huge fan of MindMapping. I used it as a student to collect and gather all my study notes before important tests and exams. I now use it in business for all my strategic planning and as a visual tool for personal goal […]

Why Speed Reading Is So Valuable

This chart shows the progressive relationship between data, information, knowledge and wisdom. Simply put, the larger the base, the higher the pyramid. In other words, if you want to acquire wisdom, the more data and information you can process, the better. The faster you can read, the more you can read. The more you can […]

Doodle Your Way To Better Grades

If you thought doodling was a waste of time – think again. This short 5-minute video reveals the creativity that lies hidden in all of us and how it can help you get better grades. If you want to learn the ultimate in note taking skills – try MindMapping! Doodling Can Help You Get Better […]

Effort vs Performance

“A students know they get graded on performance. C students think they get graded based on effort.” – Dr Marc Dussault