Barak Obama tweets on the value of an education

Barak Obama Tweet on Cost Of Education

5 Responses to “Barak Obama tweets on the value of an education”

  • I agree that an education is necessary, but not necessarily the type of “education” this president wants you to have.

    Also, this is just one more item (a quote this time) this president has co-opted from someone else and wants us all to believe it was his to begin with. The original quote was by Derek Bok.

  • Hi Mr. The President,I agree with you. However, meritocracy in the workplace is often missing.

  • yes education is the key anywhere u need go.

  • The man is right on: We are thirteen years into the 21st century and can already see and hear and feel the cost of ignorance, worldwide. E. Deming in the previous century noted:
    Change is the constant; survival is optional.
    Buckle up as we double down the worm hole of experiential education on several fronts. Some might it the stupid tax of democracy.

  • Right on; 13 years in the 21st century and the cost of ignorance can be see worldwide. Some call it the stupid tax of democracy; others a step along the road to an unarmed peasantry. Experiential education is often the best teacher.

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