Get Excited About School Again

Emahuja is lacking a little motivation to get into studying…


EMAHUJA here, I am about to complete my 11th std and will be starting with my 12th std which is very crucial and important for me as a science student. Till 10th I was very much interested in studies. My grades were very good, but now I don’t know what’s wrong. I don’t have any intrest in studies and very tense regarding my studies. So, can you please suggest some tips to get my interest back into my studies?


Everyone gets into a rut from time to time, so if you temporarily lose interest or motivation, don’t panic.

I have a blog called the Mindset Of A Champion that is devoted to high performance athletes who want to improve their results. One of the problems they come across is over training.

In your case you may not be over training, but you may have the same symptoms. Chances are you’re just bored. That simply means you need to mix things up a little. Change a few things you’re doing to make it fresh and new. You might even consider taking a break from studying for 1 or 2 days – just to interrupt your pattern.

Other things you can consider doing include:

  • Study with different people.
  • Choose a new place to study in the library or other building on campus.
  • Read another textbook for the course – just so it’s not the same.
  • MindMap your notes.
  • Give yourself a new target to aim for (higher grades or the TOP GRADE IN THE CLASS).
  • Maybe you study non-stop all weekend – again, just to mix it up.
  • Study in the morning instead of afternoon or evening or vice-versa.

The best thing you can do to get motivated is to know WHY you’re doing it. You might want to spend a little bit of time researching your ultimate career so you can fully associate what it’s going to be like to BE a scientist, a doctor or engineer. You’ll quickly realise that without the SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE, it’s not going to happen.

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  • Offer to tutor a classmate who is struggling with the class. This will force you to keep up to be prepared to tutor and uplift your belief in your abilities and accomplishments. Read for fun a science magazine(i.e. Discover) to see all the cool things happening in science that may ignite your spark again to do the Necessary Work to soon be a part of our exciting science community. “This too, (your slump) shall pass”. Don’t define this temporary phase as permanent!

  • YES! Great tips. Sometimes you just have to change things up just a little bit to get the spice back into learning and growing. You should never be happy to stagnate in something as important as education. Good message here- I full-heartedly agree!

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