Getting Better Grades is a lot easier than you think

The very first post to this blog explains how you can focus on what you don’t know you know to get INSTANT and powerful results.

I was reminded of this by khamha Sithirajvongsa via an e-mail he sent me. (Ideally, you should post a COMMENT TO THIS BLOG at the bottom of each post).


Hi Dr Marc,
Thank you for your great advice. I believe It helps me to think about
myself to know about what I don’t know and I know I. These great
lessons you give help me to develop myself and what I know.

I’m sorry, I am very limited in the words to explain myself… Thank you.

Kind regards,


Watch the video and think about what you know you know about how well you already study.

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault
Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist


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  • Hi marc,it’s virginia again!I bought your speed reading course and it’s great !but I was wondering …how could you push your ability as far as 1,800wpm???how did you train yourself?How long did you practised every day?tell me all!!!thanks a lot
    p.s.=please keep writing your inspirational post(expecially those about your school days) ,they do help a lot since they inspire to do better…they show that there is a way to be 100%motivated and efficent when studying:)

  • Hi Marc,

    Love you YouTUBE video. Simply makes me want to listen to it over and over again. Until now, maybe I didn’t realise what I don’t know what I know. Your teaching helps me in realising this and how to identify more so that in the future I can make a BREAKTHROUGH and GROW EXPONENTIALLY with myself or business.

    Rainier M. Pancrazio of

  • Virginia,
    See my post Speed Reading Secrets Revealed that gives you a few additional distinctions!

    Glad to hear you’re getting breakthroughs – sure is fun isn’t it?!?!


  • G’day Marc,
    I am practicing but I don’t seem to be enjoying the book as much. I am reading RICHARD BRANSON’S new book. Am I reading too fast? I watched 2 videos is there another one? I have a feeling I’m missing something thanks mate.


  • Garry,
    Check out today’s post – I will answer your questions so that everyone gets a benefit from it.

    Thanks for asking!

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