How To Speed Read Twice As Fast As You Do Now

This is a new video that I published on YouTube recently. It’s a summary of How To Speed Read which, as a reader of this blog, you know by now is the #1 most important skill you need to acquire to get the best grades with the least amount of effort. It’s incredibly simple and easy to learn, in fact I have taught thousands of students, many of them grade school kids… Why not you? Have a look at this short YouTube video and then decide you can do it.

How To Speed Read Twice As Fast As You Do Now

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  • I’ve completed your Speed Reading Program and I find reading at a faster speed. I’ve followed all your advice and done all the exercises. I find that I can read and comprehend faster, however, I still find difficulty remembering the content that I read after a day. Is this to do with my reading skills or my memory skills?

    • Ronald,
      Let me use a sports analogy – this one is based on Water Skiing. The FIRST challenge most people have is getting out of the water. The SECOND is staying up. The THIRD is turning and the FOURTH is holding on when making very sharp turns at up to 70 kilometers per hour… So it’s a gradual improvement approach that works to get you from being a beginner to an ‘expert’. The same is true with speed reading – your ability to FOCUS and CONCENTRATE is now being challenged because with increased reading speed, you are capturing MORE information FASTER. That means your EYES are no longer your limiting factor, you BRAIN is. Give it time to get up to speed – you’ll soon start to feel it working faster and faster…! Just be a little patient! Just remember you’ve just got onto your skis… The real fun is about to start!!!

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