Mindmap To Improve Your Grades

As a reader or subscriber to this blog, you know I am a huge fan of MindMapping.

I used it as a student to collect and gather all my study notes before important tests and exams.

I now use it in business for all my strategic planning and as a visual tool for personal goal setting and journaling.

I teamed up with a fabulous artist – Paul Telling – to create a How To MindMap To get Better Grades Program. You can more about it by clicking on the hyperlink.

If you feel a little intimidated about drawing by hand, you can use a Digital Mindmapping Software that does it all for you – it works on Macs and PCs.

Believe it or not, Digital MindMapping Software can help you write essays and term papers faster than ever before by helping you capture more data, notes and information in one place. With one single view of everything you want to say in your essay or term paper, you can get down to writing with fewer edits.

After all, time is precious when you’re a student – so many deadlines and never enough time!

This is one study tool you simply can’t do without if you want to get a lot more done in less time.

2 Responses to “Mindmap To Improve Your Grades”

  • Dear Dr Marc,
    I am a year 10 student and have tried using your books. How should I go about it? I’m really confused. Should I apply one technique a day or more??
    Please reply as soon as possible.

  • You should apply one technique per week. As you progress you can apply other techniques mentioned in the book. Go slowly, don’t make any haste. Otherwise you will get bored. And that forces you to move away from your goal.

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