MindMapping To Get Better Grades

David Fisher, bought my study book and is applying the study tips to get better grades. One of the questions he had was about MindMapping to take better notes. A friend of mine is a gifted artist who created a 2 minute 44 second long YouTube video that begins the explanation about MindMapping which you can view below.

How To Get Better Grades By MindMapping

MindMapping is one of the key speed learning skills I teach my business and professional clients who pay me tens of thousands of dollars per year to improve their results. If you want to access one of the most powerful skills – you can get my Exponential MasterMind Program by clicking on the hyperlink.

But I have to warn you – it’s potent and powerful. If you want to get the best grades possible without becoming a nerd or a geek, this is the fastest and easiest way to do it.

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  • Hey Marc!
    I have a question about speed reading. I just finished the fundamentals part of the video session and I have been avidly practicing. However, I find that it only works for fiction and I can not intake all the dense material of technical writings. Does your turbo section cover that? If it does then great, but if not, could you please help me out with applying speed reading to dense material like a school chem or physics book.

    Also I would like to receive the chapter Mindmaps please from your get better grades book. I bought both the book and speed reading program and still not have received the Mindmaps for either one. Could you please send them.



    • Will,
      Congratulations on buying my book and programs AND applying them. First, speed reading works for all subjects – the challenge you face with speed reading chemistry or physics may not be the speed of reading but comprehension. Just like going to the gym and working out- it’s easy to curl 5 lb dumbbells (fiction), but harder to curl 10 lbs (chemistry and physics)!

      Give it time – you brain WILL catch up to your eyes – I was speed reading the tax code and academic research papers that were as dense as your textbooks… It can be done and you will be doing it, but give yourself time to adapt with more experience.

      The MindMaps are sent over time and I will double-check if you’ve received them as attachments. The summary MindMaps are on the product download pages – go back to it and you’ll see they’re there. The chapter-by-chapter MindMaps are sent over time to remind you of the book material. You get one MindMap per chapter. I will have our support department respond to you directly by email.

      Good luck with your speed reading and getting better grades!

      Onward and upward!
      Dr Marc Dussault

  • OK thanks Marc. Soo, practice, practice, right? 🙂 yeah on the download page I know I got the summary Mindmap for the get the best grades book, however on the speed reading video page, there is no summary Mindmap. But thanks I know you are looking into this.



  • Dr. Dussault,

    My question has nothing to do with mindmapping, but I wouldn’t find a blog written specifically on this topic. In Get The Best Grades With The Least Amount Of Effort, you mention that with the studying techniques you develop you succeeded in graduating with several degrees in less time than most people. I want to succeed at what you did with degrees in Japanese, Korean, and Mechanical Engineering. But, at the same time I will be taking AFROTC classes, which takes a big 3-4 hour chunk of time out of a day every week. The time chunk probably won’t slow me down too much, but I just wondered if you believe it’s possible to graduate with all majors in the next 3 years. Or should I consider dropping out of AFROTC?

    Thanks for your advice.


    • Kenisha,
      First, I have a video on MindMapping created by a good friend of mine and artist extraordinaire, Paul Telling. I also have a BONUS VIDEO for all the buyers of my study book that will be sent to you shortly…

      In regard to your question about the multiple degrees – I think you are mistaken thinking that employers “buy degrees” when it comes to languages. I am fluent in French and English and have no degrees in either – unless you expect to be a translator or linguist – there is no need to get a degree in a language, but there is HUGE VALUE in learning the language. There is a BIG difference.

      You need to speak, read and write which a degree FORCES you to do, but if you can do it in other ways, then that could save you a lot of time. That being said, MASTERING languages is more and more valuable. If I was to go back in time, I definitely would have learned MORE languages (I understand Spanish, but not quite conversational in it yet – not enough chance to practice.)

      So I can’t give you direct advice because I don’t know you, what I can say is that ANY investment you make in your education will pay off in the long run. For me, BECAUSE I was fluently bilingual when I graduated in Engineering in Montreal – a French province in Canada, it meant I made 50% more than my English-only speaking classmates. Many of them had to leave the province to go work elsewhere in English. Now that’s extreme, but you get the point.

      Good luck with your studies and remember to develop all your other skills as well – social, financial and professional skills! There is LESS value in graduating with straight As and no social personal skills than there is to grade with very good grades and the ability to communicate and interact with people. I will be blogging about this in an upcoming blog post.

      Onward and upward!
      Dr Marc Dussault

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