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Quite a few students have asked me which books I recommend after they’ve read my study book. I post my top book recommendations on my Linked In Profile. It includes all the books I recommend for Business, Professional and Career Development. If you’re athletic, you’ll want to subscribe to my Mindset Of A Champion Blog, which lists a different collection of books that I recommend for serious (elite) athletes – focused on Mental Toughness. With these two book lists, you can learn the foundations of an Exponential Mindset. If you are not English Speaking, I am sure most of the classics have been translated into your language.

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  • Hi Marc,

    I bought the speed reading video it is wonderful but I have a question regarding the comprehension. When I speed read do I need to reread the word in my mind or just underlining by the second method and the rest will happen for me. My second question is that what is the use of the speed reading if I will reread the material or the chapter again and highlight it. I really don’t understand that claim and I am asking myself why I should speed read then highlight. Keep in mind that I have moved to try your program after I have became disappointed from the Paul Sheele Photoreading whole mind system which claim that I can read in 25000 WPM. Photoreading system is good to understand and read a 150 pages book for one hour but you can achieve the same result by just reading a 150 pages book in one hour. Honestly if what you are teaching is the eye hand coordination I have already known that years before and this video has not add any thing new for me because I have practiced Peter Comp speed reading techniques which is the same as the techniques that you are teaching in your speed reading Video?

    I am sorry Marc you sent an e mail to ask me how I am doing with the speed reading program and this is my feed back until now.

    Have a great day,

    • Hani,
      First of all, let me confirm that I agree with you that what many people call Photo Reading is not the way to go for students. I can Photo Read and choose to do it in special circumstances, but don’t advocate or teach it to anyone UNLESS they can do speed reading at 1000 words per minute as a MINIMUM. That being said, the reason I advise NOT to highlight while speed reading the first time is because the FIRST time you read anything, it’s hard for you to know what’s important and what’s not. By the time you finish the chapter, the beginning will become obvious to you and the specific details to need to remember will be different than when you started reading.

      Chances are if you highlight WHILE you are speed reading, your reading speed will be a LOT LESS plus you will highlight two or three times more – which means you’ll waste a lot more time reviewing.

      The strategies I teach take time to implement. The key is to TRUST them as you apply them. You can TEST what I suggest – sometimes highlight WHILE you are speed reading and then AFTER… You determine what works best for you.

      I can just tell you what works best for me and thousands of other students.

      IF you are the EXCEPTION, that’s OK – Do what works for you, but DO IT because it works, not because you THINK it works.

      To know IT WORKS, you have to track your time and comprehension BOTH ways, otherwise it’s a value judgment and chances are you will be biased and wrong in your self-assessment.

      Thanks for the great question!

      If you want to know more about how to do speed reading, click on the hyperlink.

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